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Who we are

Solita is a community of highly and widely skilled experts geared for impact and customer value. We do what matters to build the digital future by delivering high-quality solutions to real problems.

Our unique service portfolio seamlessly combines expertise from application management services to software development, analytics and data science, cloud and integration services. 

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Solita Denmark
We strive to create value and satisfied clients, but we also believe in creating a great working environment for happy employees. So the atmosphere is pragmatic, effective, geeky and social, and we have a strong belief in a healthy work/life balance (avg. 38,3 hrs/empl. past 4 years).

Jesper Dan Christiansen EVP, Denmark, Solita

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5 crucial things about our culture

Caring, easy-going, courageous and passionate – these are our values and this is the culture that thrives from them.

Find us Our local offices

  • Copenhagen

    Solita A/S

    Frederikskaj 4

    DK-2450 København SV

    +45 70 22 96 31

  • Copenhagen

    Intellishore – a Solita company

    Scherfigsvej 10, st. tv.

    2100 København Ø 

  • Aalborg

    Solita A/S

    Visionsvej 51 

    9000 Aalborg

    +45 70 22 96 31

  • Glostrup

    Solita A/S

    Ejby Industrivej 91

    2600 Glostrup

    +45 70 22 96 31

  • Vejle

    Solita A/S

    Dandyvej 3B

    7100 Vejle

    +45 70 22 96 31

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