Over 20-year-old service took a leap to a new era

Commentor, a Solita company, renewed PensionsInfo service on on a new and modern cloud architecture.

We renewed the PensionsInfo service, used by over 1,5 million Danes yearly, on a new and modern cloud architecture.

A leap to a new era

For over 20 years, PensionsInfo has made it possible for Danes to get a complete overview of their pensions, and life and health insurances. Today, PensionsInfo celebrates a position among the top insurance companies in the world in creating an open and transparent overview for its consumers. Almost 1.5 million different users visit each year.

Solita redeveloped PensionsInfo, and part of this was the inclusion of processes to coordinate changes to the systems of up to 26 financial data suppliers. This was a particularly demanding task when all financial companies had to develop, test, and deliver simultaneously. Solita’s extensive experience in multi-vendor collaboration ensured the solution was delivered on time, on budget, and with superb functionality.

Moving to a modern cloud platform provides flexibility and scalability

PensionsInfo is over 20 years old, meaning their digital solution is the same age. Due to this, the PensionsInfo system was difficult and costly to maintain and could not keep up with future requirements and feature changes. In other words, it wasn’t future-proof. Our task was to develop an entirely new solution on a modern cloud architecture in Microsoft Azure. The basic functionality of PensionsInfo remains the same, just updated to be able to scale with modern to being future-proof. With modern integrations established, the solution is now based on a scalable cloud architecture, with room to grow and adapt to legislative changes and brilliant ideas.

The technical platform is cloud-based, providing major advantages in terms of time-to-market, uptime, security, and response times, with the ability to easily and quickly up and downscale the usage patterns and the stress placed on the portal.

“During the process, Solita has proven to be a skilled and responsive partner who is also prepared when the going gets tough, and the difficult situations need to be handled. I am proud of the result and that we, together with the many data suppliers, kept the timeline and budget.”
– Deputy Director and Head of IT and Digitalization, Insurance & Pension Denmark

High technical requirements for continuity

Microsoft has supported the software and security architecture of the new PensionsInfo version through review and approval. If we take a closer look at the technical aspect, we can demonstrate that through a “record and playback” test, we can see the new PensionsInfo gives the same output as the old. The test records and anonymises the input and output of the old PensionsInfo system, and plays it against the new system, to check if the output matches. Through consistent testing, we know that the pensions are calculated in the same way as before, which is of the utmost importance for all parties involved. The commission was a success, and the comprehensive financial data cloud solution kept its clients first. 

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