Solita lifecycle services

Lifecycle services

Lifecycle services

Let’s save the world from sub-optimised, unproductive and faceless IT processes. Our lifecycle services help you to bring value delivery to the core of your services, design processes for people and organise around the digital product’s lifecycle.

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Take care of your productivity

IT has become the business enabler. We consider IT solutions as products with a lifecycle. Benefit from a comprehensive approach to the lifecycle, that maximises the value and productivity. Our lifecycle services stand out in our unwavering focus on eliminating value erosion caused by siloed models, context switches, and miscommunication. We streamline ways of working and automate everything we can for cost effectiveness and people wellbeing.

Services that adjust to the lifecycle phase

Solita is your partner for the business value driven digital product development lifecycle.

We integrate our service offering & processes with you to adjust to your needs. We are driven by ensuring time-to-value and total value of ownership of your enterprise architecture and business solutions.

We build cross-functional, integrated teams and offer adjustable service packages for different phases of digital product’s lifecycle. We take care of comprehensive, agile governance of your business solutions ecosystem. 

Maximise the total value of lifecycle Key elements

Business architecture services

Achieving excellence together

Our approach ensures that every action we take is aligned with your business goals and objectives. Avoid unnecessary complexity by aligning your enterprise architecture with our help. We bridge the business value maximization with digital product safety, continuity, and availability. You can experience the full potential of your investment without compromise.

Agile comprehensive governance

Stay resilient

We set up a clear governance model for you to combine your strategic goals with your portfolio. Align your project’s and services operationally. We design guidelines for value creation and productivity and measure it. Together with you, we build up transparency in the vendor ecosystem. We deploy consistent controls without restricting development velocity.

Integrated teams

A cohesive approach

At Solita, we operate with a model of integrated teams, carefully composed to bring together the varied expertise necessary for your product’s success. We work both locally and nearshore. Our meticulous team composition planning and scaling guarantee that you have the right professionals working on your service. This collaborative synergy ensures that your product receives the attention it deserves and results in a harmonious, productive partnership.

Automation for cost efficiency

Maximising ROI

We automate everything we can. Automation comes with less manual work and costs, and our people can use their expertise to add maximum value to your business. We humanize the IT services yet ensure a structured approach that maintains the highest standards of quality, compliance, and efficiency throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Agile DigiOps excellence

Accelerating innovation

You benefit from our excellent, agile ways of working. We embrace DigiOps models, harnessing their power to drive innovation, streamline processes, and expedite time-to-market. We follow the best practices based on ITIL v4. We help you to meet the needs of rapidly changing business environment, create new innovative services faster and strengthen your competitive advantage.

How can we help?

  • Are you planning a digital product? Let’s review the business needs and architecture and plan the best solution.

  • Need to scale or speed up ongoing development? We help you to streamline ways of working and bring in needed expertise for development.
  • Already built a digital product yourself or with a 3rd party and need a partner? We’ll transition the services to our AMS services. If needed, we help you modernise & become value-driven.
  • Mature product need maintenance & support? We keep it relevant resilient and independent of single resources.

If you are looking for a holistic application management partner for your digital products and services, look no further and contact us

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