A healthy company is a powerful thing.

Over 25 years
Over 2000 professionals
Operations In 9 countries

In a world that often celebrates growth over everything, we have an unusual ambition: to build a truly healthy company, where smart, talented people enjoy their work and make a lasting impact.

Yes, that includes financial health — but it starts with personal and cultural health. It’s amazing what caring about this stuff does.

Culture of caring Through autonomy

Solita culture is a combination of caring and high levels of autonomy.

Solita Culture

This kind of culture only flourishes in a community that is built together. This means we want to care for our customers, society, business, colleagues and ourselves – building together a more humane working life for all. The true essence of our culture can’t be easily written down, it has to be lived and experienced.

Meet some of our people and feel Solita culture and community through their stories.

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Growing sustainably With our people

For us, one of the most crucial aspects of growing sustainably is safeguarding our personnel’s health, safety, and well-being – including both mental and physical aspects.

Growing sustainably with our people
In a growth company, balance is important – nurturing the shared history and building shared, new memories.

The experience of autonomy and care are evaluated at a very positive level, and we want to cherish this in the future.

Outi Sivonen Chief Human Resources Officer, Solita

Few examples of our recent actions:

  • Our ongoing Growth Academy provides courses on self-leadership and how to tackle challenging situations.
  • We’ve established Leadership Principles to help us combine high-level of autonomy with a culture of caring.
  • Wide coverage of healthcare from mental wellbeing services to accident and travel insurances.

If you’re into KPIs…

People really like it here 77 Employee NPS

Some leave, but not very often 10 % Personnel churn

For the past 10 years Double-digit Growth & Profitability

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Conducting responsible & Environmentally sustainable business

For us, responsible business means conducting our business ethically, for example by adhering to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. On the other hand, our role is essential also in helping our customers become more environmentally sustainable.

ISO 14001 and UN global

Decreasing our
GHG emission intensity

Increasing our positive impact through our client projects

This is what we do:

  • We measure our greenhouse gas emissions annually for all scopes based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG).
  • We’re committed to set the science-based emissions reduction targets in line with a 1.5°C pathway.
  • We compensate for the emissions of our core business which we are not able to avoid. Core business includes scopes 1, 2 and selected scope 3 categories based on our ability to influence them. 
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Inclusion & diversity We make it real

Diversity and inclusivity aren’t matters of opinion: they make the world a better place. We want to be a force for positive change for the industry as a whole. With our unambiguous, clearly measurable goals, the change becomes visible.

Inclusion and diversity

We are committed to actively promoting diversity and equality

  • At Solita, everybody should feel comfortable to be themselves, ‘with all their perfections’.
  • Diversity of all kinds is our strength; be it skills, nationality, beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation. It is embedded in our culture and core values.
  • We care about each other, people and society as a whole. We focus on changing the world, not people.
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Solita sustainability Handbook

Solita and Solitans are all about creating impact that lasts for a better tomorrow. This game plan summarizes our sustainability commitments and goals to make the world a better place, while continuing to grow responsibly.

Sustainable growth is a fundamental theme not only to our current and future employees, but also to the future of our customers and all of society. We must also strive to ensure that all actors in our value chain act responsibly and in accordance with our values.

Caring is our core value and creating impact that lasts is our mission. Who should set an example, if not us?

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Our offices

Change is needed on a global scale. With a solid foundation in our Finnish roots, we are continuously expanding to widen our horizon to make impact that lasts.