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A new portal solution for Aalborg Portland

Commentor, a Solita company, created a new portal solution for Aalborg Portland

We developed a user-friendly portal for calculating the maturity and strength development of concrete elements for Aalborg Portland.

Towards more sustainable cement production

The famous Aalborg Portland Towers have become a permanent fixture as a city landmark – and with good reason. Aalborg Portland’s factory has been producing cement since 1889 and is now Denmark’s only cement producer. With 2,363,000 tonnes of cement produced annually, Aalborg Portland is the world’s largest exporter of white cement, and has a worldwide customer base. The company is currently undergoing an exciting development towards a more sustainable cement production process and aims to reduce their carbon footprint by 70% by 2030.

Solita began its collaboration with Aalborg Portland in 2016, one that is still going strong to this day. They have assisted in Aalborg Portland’s digital transformation and are helping maintain and further future development. The transformation focussed on creating tools that could automate demanding manual processes, facilitate workflows, and creating value for customers as self-service solutions. Solita developed an entire software solution with a range of tools to service Aalborg Portland, and their customers’ needs. 

A complete self-service solution

As part of the self-service solution, Aalborg Portland has a new automated calculation tool that has replaced several manual computing processes. One such process is their most important tool, one that allows customers to calculate and generate graphs showing the maturity and strength development of a concrete element over time. Another is a tool to calculate the exact unique cement mix for each customer’s individual need. 

With our new ‘AP IT Tools’ package, we ensure that our customers get a better user interface and more insight and control of their own data. It also means that we have even more time for sparring and counselling our customers, as we no longer have the same amount of maintenance of our systems.

Jens Mouritsen Møller Product Consultant, Aalborg Portland

With less time spent on manual efforts, the people at Aalborg Portland have more time to continue creating improved solutions for customers. They are also experiencing fewer time-consuming errors, as Solita has taken charge over handling ongoing maintenance of current and future development.

An ongoing and rewarding collaboration

Aalborg Portland has had an active role in the excellently working agile process. This has made it possible to tailor the IT solution exactly to their needs.

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We have greatly appreciated the collaboration with Solita, who has continuously been an incredibly skilled and responsive partner.

Jens Mouritsen Møller Product Consultant, Aalborg Portland

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