BUPL – Trade union and social security fund for pedagogues in Denmark

Communication portal for BUPL

Communication portal for BUPL

BUPL is Denmark’s largest trade union for pedagogues and has over 60,000 members. BUPL works to promote the best working conditions for pedagogues and support professionals in their practice.

BUPL’s union representatives have phones or tablets as their primary work tools, but they found juggling between different media and communication platforms to be extremely confusing. They often didn’t know where to look for the material they needed. It was much easier to use unsafe communication platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp. Their alternative was to use a PC in order to do their job safely.

Dedicated app

To ease their tasks, Solita developed a solution – a dedicated app that gives the union representatives a clear overview of their information and collects all material in one place. BUPL’s new solution is intuitive and easy to use. Made to replace the current and unsafe communication platforms, the solution ensures secure and fast communication with members and other union representatives. It’s now easy to search for the needed information and attach materials from both within and outside of the platform.

The trustees of the pedagogue’s union now have the possibility to communicate with individuals and groups via a chat function. The app also ensures easy access to information about members, including notifications when new members have joined the workspace. The users also have access to information about other union representatives for sparring purposes.

The app is developed in dotnet Maui for iOS and Android and fulfils users’ needs for an intuitive and user-friendly app. Solita provides AMS on the portal on a three-year contract. 

Intuitive and easy to use app

  • A clear overview of all information

  • The new solution is intuitive and easy to use

  • New solution ensures secure and fast communication

  • Easier search from both within and outside of the platform

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