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People of Solita: Senior Developer and Tech Evangelist Jens Bengaard

Jens Bengaard Senior Developer, Solita

Published 30 May 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1600 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Jens, our Senior Developer and Tech Evangelist in Denmark.  

Communication is a key part of this job

I’ve worked as a Senior Developer for three years, and I’ve been involved in many different projects with several customers. I’m also a Tech Evangelist, which in one part is about tech nerdy stuff with deployments, coding, and helping our customers achieve their goals. The other part is about supporting and helping others in their tech journey. We can spend up to 20 % of our time on these tasks.

The best part of my job is communication; I like talking to customers and figuring out what they want and how we can help them. We need communication to figure out how to find the best solutions in the circumstances we have in each situation. Coding is also communication, finding the right way to put something together.

Communication with my co-workers is also an important part of my job; I enjoy interacting with my colleagues. The atmosphere at the office is great, and we all work well together. This job is full of surprises, and I never know how the day will unfold. I think it makes it interesting.

Customer projects are always learning processes

Working with customers is always a learning process. We help them with many different things; it can be anything from small improvements to bigger things. The best part is when it all comes together, and you can see the real improvements and results.

My job is to understand and, at times, also challenge our customers’ needs, as sometimes what they think they want is not actually what they want. In those situations, we need to be able to challenge and provide optional suggestions. Good communication plays an important role here.

I’m on my fourth customer right now, so I’ve spent quite some time with each of them. I like to get to know a customer company properly. That enables good collaboration and helps us do our job better. Sometimes long projects can also be frustrating, but when things get delivered, everyone is usually happy.

I mostly work with DevOps-related things, including development, pipelines, deployment, and making infrastructure. If something doesn’t work, I need to figure out why. It’s like detective work, finding out what’s wrong and how we can fix it as efficiently as possible. Sometimes it can be just a tiny glitch causing the problem; we just have to find it.

A culture that embraces knowledge-sharing and learning

I have a lot of experience, and I’ve tried many things; for some years, I worked outside consulting but decided to return. I like the industry and being able to communicate directly with the customers. The tech industry is developing all the time, which gives me opportunities to learn new things and tools all the time. I also enjoy learning about different companies and industries.

I’m working on two certifications currently, but I’m more interested in the process than the actual certifications. Learning is not only about getting certified; I just enjoy learning new things. Sometimes I might study something independently or ask a colleague to share their knowledge. Our culture embraces knowledge sharing, which makes problem-solving and learning easy in this company.

I like the diversity of people working here; we are a good bunch of people of many ages and backgrounds. The best part about our culture is the collaboration; we are always willing to help each other. We are also very honest. When we talk to customers, we are direct and straightforward, which creates trust in the customer relationship. I’ve found that these traits are often appreciated.

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