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Cyber security services

Cyber security services

From buzzwords to real-life compliance

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In today’s digital environment, data security is more important than ever. General and targeted attacks against organisations and individuals are prevalent and securing critical assets has become a mission-critical task in the always online, completely connected ecosystem we live in. Our cyber security services help you to design, develop and operate secure services that keep your and your customers’ valuable information confidential, intact and available. We can help you from the first steps of design to running and operating your service in a secure fashion.

How we can help Our services

Threat assessment

Discover the threat posture of your service

Our facilitated threat assessment service helps you identify and prepare for threats in a structured manner.

  • Understand the security context
  • Design appropriate mitigation
  • Plan the implementation of controls

The assessment is conducted with a workshop-style method based on industry standard threat modelling practices.

Human-centric security design

Design your services with a security mindset

Our human-centric approach to security design allows you to design services with a security mindset.

  • Ensure that security design actually meets user expectations and usability
  • Plan for contingencies and continuity
  • Prepare for unexpected events that might disrupt your capability to reach your business objectives

Secure software development lifecycle review and training

Improve your development security

We are experts in building secure software with industry leading secure software development processes and practices.

  • Train your internal dev teams
  • Evaluate current practices
  • Form guidelines and requirements

We are more than happy to help you assess and improve your own practices, whether you are developing in-house or offering services externally.

Security assessments for software and services

Gain an expert opinion on your state of security

It is often necessary to have external expertise for evaluating the status of your services or software, either through a straightforward code review or an in-depth assessment of the security and practices of a service.

  • Evaluation of practices
  • Benchmarking to industry standards
  • Clear, actionable recommendations

We offer a full suite of hands-on and practical assessment services that will give you actionable recommendations for improvement.

Penetration testing

Test your security against real-life threats

Vulnerabilities exist in almost all solutions, and it is far better to find them before someone hostile does. Our penetration testing service helps you to:

  • Find and report vulnerabilities in the target solution
  • Black box testing against visible surfaces

Whitebox testing with access to code, config and documentation

Our penetration testing does not just find the vulnerabilities, but provides clear, actionable recommendations for fixing the issues, down to suggested code changes.

Cloud security

Ensure the quality of your cloud security

While the basic principles of cyber security are valid regardless of where you run your services, the cloud presents its own challenges in designing, building and operating secure services.

  • Design secure cloud architecture
  • Review cloud security practices
  • Train operative teams

Whether it is hardening your cloud infrastructure, designing operating practices or building devops pipelines, our cloud security experts are up to the challenge and available to help you plan, implement and operate your cloud services.

“We design, develop and operate secure services that keep your and your customers’ valuable information confidential, intact and available.”

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