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People of Solita: Advisory Software Developer Cecilie Nielsen

Cecilie Nielsen Advisory Software Developer, Solita

Published 02 Jun 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1600 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Cecilie, our Advisory Software Developer in Denmark.  

Software Development is creative work that requires critical thinking.

I joined the team as an intern in 2019 and was hired as a full-time employee after. I work as a software developer, mainly in the backend. I’m also passionate about IT security, and I’ve had a chance to share my knowledge about the topic while expanding my expertise in the area. For example, I have worked on security reports and created templates we can use with different clients.

I enjoy the freedom and responsibility in my role. If you want to take responsibility, you will get it even if you don’t have that much experience, as long as you can learn new things. I appreciate that a lot. In these past months, I’ve been working on a big data migration project and got a lot of responsibility in an area that I don’t know so well. I like the challenge.

I get to work with many different things, broaden my horizon, and learn more about what I’d like to work with in the future. Right now, I want to learn more about IT security and architecture. The IT field is wide, and having the opportunity to explore helps in designing my career path.

I can make a difference with my work

I love finding solutions for our customers and seeing them happy. I enjoy bridging the gap between business and tech challenges and bringing different types of knowledge together. We work by asking questions and challenging the customer when needed.

I wanted to become a software developer because we can make an impact. I’m creative, and when I started programming, I saw how creative this process actually is. We are always creating something, we have different options and variables, and we need to find the best way to put things together.

Some decisions we make might give better performance, but there might be a lack in other areas. We have to be innovative, think critically, and see the big picture to get good results. It’s creative work, and I love making my mark like this.

I’m also working with students and mentoring our interns, which gives me a chance to impact people’s growth. I had my journey from an internship to a full-time employee, and I wanted to help other students to find similar opportunities.

I started a student collaboration program with the same institution I graduated from. We do lectures, case studies, and full internships with students. We started from scratch, but it’s going quite well, and I see many people applying to our internship programs.

A workplace full of learning opportunities

I see everything as an opportunity to learn. When I started working here, I thought of studying more, but then I realized I get to learn a lot just by working with our customers and leveraging our internal training opportunities. Instead of doing more full-time studies, I decided to do certificates. I’ve done five certificates since I started, and I’m most proud of the Cyber Security Architect Certificate for Azure Cloud.

We must be open to learning because working in tech is an ever-evolving journey. I’m open to various projects and roles; I don’t want to be the same developer ten years from now. I hope I have learned a lot more and expanded my expertise; maybe I will work as an Architect. Project Managers do exciting things too, and Team Leads can support people’s development; all that is interesting. But I also really like the part of creative work in programming.

My house renovation project is another learning process combined with a tech twist. I love IoT, and I want to automate things in my house. I’ve been exploring and trying little things to meet different needs with tech solutions. It’s fun to create something and solve little daily issues that can make life easier.

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