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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How to use AI in business

Data Science and AI solutions are at the core of today’s business. Winning organisations understand the value of data and harness it with data science to optimise their operations, improve customer experience, increase sales, and create innovative services and businesses. We help you build analytical capabilities and convert your data into an asset, using modern cloud platforms, data science, machine learning, and AI to add new value to your organisation, customers and partners.

Data science is a combination of skills, technologies, applications and processes that are used by organisations to gain an insight into their business by using AI, machine learning and analytics. Data science and AI solutions can be developed both to assist in human decisions and to fully automate decisions or sub-processes, for example in

  • targeting and recommending solutions utilised in digital services and marketing
  • segmentation or scoring solutions in CRM and risk management
  • predictive maintenance solutions in manufacturing or service processes
  • digital process automation solutions in different support functions like IT and finance, or in document handling or customer service processes.

Our services combine data, business and human insight in an agile way to help you to develop data-driven business and new innovative solutions. We work closely with leading technology partners and have achieved a Microsoft Azure specialization in AI and Machine Learning.

We help you build an analytic capability and culture in your organisation, by designing, developing and operating resilient data and analytics solutions, teams and ways of working.

How can we help Our services

  • Analytics competence

  • Analytics organisation & way of working

    • Roles, responsibilities, processes
    • Governance
    • Agile machine-learning operations (MLOps)

  • Analytics architecture

    • Data and machine-learning engineering
    • Scalable platforms and architecture
    • Data modelling and information architecture

  • Strategic analytics

    • Data and AI strategy audits and assessments
    • AI product owner/lead as a service

  • Data science

    • Machine learning
    • Predictive modelling
    • AI and deep learning
    • Statistics

  • Sustainable AI

    • Sustainable AI by design
    • AI transparency assessment
    • AI governance
    • Technical capabilities
    • Sustainable AI education

    Read more about our Sustainable AI services


Value to variety of industries

Readly From aggressive growth to increased profitability – Readly optimized its marketing investments with predictive LTV 
Case Readly
Predictive LTV has totally changed how we can predict, plan and evaluate the individual channel strategies and our marketing strategy as a whole. It has added a completely new and very important layer to our marketing strategy. We are still using all our metrics from before, and also all traditional marketing metrics, but now we have this layer of projected LTV and respective unit economics per market per channel per week which has been a game changer.

Marie-Sophie von Bibra Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Readly

Case Outokumpu Outokumpu Outokumpu digital innovation hub drives AI solutions in sustainable stainless steel
We’re very pleased with the results because we accomplished our goals. Every aspect of this project went very smoothly: recruiting, assigning ownership, establishing in-house processes and capabilities, selecting business cases, and showing the values.

Kristiina Tiilas Head of Digital Platform, Outokumpu

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