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Friends of Solita

Friends of Solita

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The goal of the Friends of Solita network is to serve the various needs of our broad customer base and provide our partners with an equal chance to offer their competences for our projects. Our model is based on a straightforward process, where the aim is to connect needs and providers as efficiently as possible. Go ahead and join in!

Wide set of expertise

Our selection of services is broad and varied, covering strategic consulting, service design, software development, artificial intelligence, analytics, and cloud & integration services. We strive to be technology independent and partner with all the major companies that offer public cloud services.

Over the years, we have relied on support from our business partners and specialists from dozens of partner companies to cover this wide portfolio of services. With growth and development, we have also reformed our collaboration models. 

The world around us is developing towards a “gig economy”, and the number of various freelancers and small companies focusing on deep expertise has increased considerably. We want to offer the competences of these specialists through our projects.

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Friends of Solita

How it works?

Our Friends of Solita operating model is simple

  1. A partner registers for the network.
  2. We check the basic information and background of the company, or freelancer.
  3. If everything is in order, we send an information package and a more detailed description of the procedures.

Registration only offers opportunities; it doesn’t involve any commitment. The details and commitments are only agreed when an interesting assignment proposal is received through the network and a partner wants to get involved in it.

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