Kamstrup works with Solita to deliver huge integration solution for Ørsted

Kamstrup uses Commentor, a Solita company, to deliver huge integration solution for Ørsted

Kamstrup works with Solita to deliver a large-scale integration solution on the MuleSoft platform for Ørsted.

2,000 remotely readable electricity meters are installed every day

In 2015, Kamstrup won a large order from Radius, the daughter company of Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy). The order was to supply them with new remotely readable electricity meters to approximately 1 million homes and businesses for the Copenhagen, North Zealand and Central Zealand areas. As there are many levels of logistics involved in the installation, it was decided to integrate the IT solutions of Kamstrup and Ørsted. We delivered the integration solution and a reporting and settlement tool for follow-ups. 

Kamstrup supplied and installed the new remotely read meters for Radius with the help of two subcontractors for installation. The installation had to be completed by 2019, meaning that approximately 2,000 meters were installed every day by 100-150 installers. The roll-out had to be synchronised for ease of operation, so Kamstrup’s systems were integrated with the customer systems. For this, the installers were given mobile devices to track the installation points and register the old meters’ electricity consumption status, which was then sent directly to Kamstrup’s systems. The logistical integration solution was developed by us.


A large-scale solution

  • 2,000 remotely readable electricity meters installed every day
  • 1M electricity meters will deliver electricity consumption data to Radius Elnet
  • 24/7 business-critical solutions that need to run 24/7

One million electricity meters will deliver electricity consumption data to Radius Elnet

The consumers no longer had to read their electricity meters and report them. The remotely readable meters automatically send electricity consumption data straight to Kamstrup, who collects the meter data for Radius. Radius sends the meter data to DataHub, Denmark’s electricity database of all Danish electricity customers. With this new solution, Radius will also be able to obtain information on voltage, so they can quickly react to changes in consumption as well as outages on the electricity grid. 

Business-critical solutions that need to run 24/7

Kamstrup has signed a service agreement with Solita, with 24/7 support and a hotline. It is imperative for Kamsrtup and Ørsted that the integration solutions run uninterrupted. Kamstrup also wanted to sign the agreement with a supplier who would be on the market in the future, so the clear choice was Solita, which has many years of experience with integration and service. 

“It was important for us to get an agreement with a software supplier who can support our integration solutions far into the future. That is why we chose Solita.”
– Project Manager at Kamstrup

Integration solution in the Mulesoft platform

In addition to the logistic and service solution, Solita also developed a reporting tool to ensure the electricity consumption data exchanged between Kamstrup and Radius is correct. They did this by developing a portal that allows the operator to assess whether service levels are continuously being met. Solita developed Kamstrup’s integration solution on a MuleSoft platform, one which has been customised and designed for Kamstrup’s needs.

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