Solita services MitID

Solita helps with transition to MitID

Solita helps with transition to MitID

The migration from NemID to MitID is key for organisational security

The vast majority of private companies and public organisations have gone digital over the years and technology now plays a crucial role in launching new products, improving user experience or optimising internal processes. The power of technology is merging with your core business in the form of innovative capabilities and agile working and development processes. Let us help you realise your digital potential!

About NemID and MitID

Digital solutions will be replaced over time to ensure the highest level of security. That’s why NemID becomes MitID. Solita is ready to help with the planned replacement of the 10 year old NemID, which means that your NemID solution needs to be replaced with MitID. MitID is an online ID for online self-service. Most of us are already used to using the NemID application, so the switch to MitID is completely intuitive. MitID works in the same way. However, security will be further tightened and the key card will be removed.

Why MitID?

Upgrading from NemID to MitID is by far the most secure choice for easy and simple retrieval and transmission of documents between authorities and users. An example is retrieving pension information via

MitID users will experience an improved user experience and greater flexibility. The technical setup includes significant improvements in security and speed.

Principles for implementation

In 2021, the 10-year-old NemID was replaced by MitID, which means that your NemID solution should be replaced by now. If this is not the case, you should make it a priority. It is not necessarily a complex task, but depends on how you and your organisation use the current NemID. NemID has been used in a collaboration between the public sector, banks and networks. This is where public authorities and private individuals identify themselves and can seamlessly send digital mail and communication via a login service. However, NemID is now considered an outdated service.

The three login levels with eIDAS’ integrated authentication model is an advantage of MitID:

  • It ensures a secure and smooth transition for citizens, businesses, organisations and governments
  • It focuses on early information
  • It focuses on targeted communication
  • It ensures clear and timely communication to all audiences

During the transition period between the NemID and the MitID, it is recommended that both enrolment options should be available to the user.

The key card disappears – MitID means of identification

All users must have a user ID and choose one or more of the following means of identification. If a code viewer, chip or code reader is selected, the user must also use a password.

  • Mid-range & MitID applications

  • MyID code viewer

  • MitID chip

  • MyID code reader

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