Vejdirektoratet – The Danish Road Directorate

Better use of data for the analysis and reporting of traffic information, safety and financing

Case The Danish Road Directorate

The Danish Road Directorate is an agency under the Ministry of Transport and Housing with offices in Aalborg, Skanderborg, Middelfart, Copenhagen, Fløng and Næstved. The Roads Directorate plans, constructs and operates the roads of Denmark. This includes the motorways, expressways, and many a country road and bridge. In total, they oversee approximately 3,800 kilometres of road. The Danish Road Directorate collects, processes and shares dynamic and static data about roads, to support the usage, building and planning of roads. This includes using the data for the analysis and reporting of traffic information, safety and financing. 

Solita has entered into a framework agreement with the Danish Road Directorate, which includes developing new systems and supporting, maintaining, and modernising existing systems.

Our responsibilities include

  • Development of a new data exchange platform, Data Exchange Hub.
  • Support, maintenance and further development of the Road Directorate’s BI solution.
  • Support, maintenance and further development of the MASTRA system complex (a system used by the Directorate for processing mechanical traffic counts) and four real-time systems which collect, analyse, report and display real-time segment values, statistical data, traffic data, raw point data, et cetera.
  • Upgrading JobManager, the Road Directorate’s contract management system.

The Danish Road Directorate’s new Data Exchange Hub aims to centralise data in one common data-sharing solution for the entire Danish Road Directorate instead of several separate data-sharing systems. The Data Exchange Hub is a system complex based on the Danish Road Directorate’s Enterprise architecture. It was created so machine-readable data can be shared and exchanged for use in both internal and external analyses and solutions. It facilitates the exchange of dynamic real-time traffic data, and static road, location, and GIS data between all transport stakeholders. The solution is developed with DevOps and Infrastructure as Code principles to make maintaining the solution in the future easier. The solution is hosted in the cloud, and designed and developed to be cloud agnostic, based on scalable technology and standard components. All this contributes to ensuring future maintainability and vendor independence.

We solved several further development tasks on other existing applications at the Danish Road Directorate, including:

  • Restructuring and stabilisation of Datawarehouse in the BI solution
  • Clarification and development of new dashboards and reports in MS Power BI
  • Implementation of data export in many different formats
  • Update of existing frontend implementations on MASTRA
  • Development of new functionality for MASTRA
  • Addition of new data types to MASTRA 

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