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People of Solita: Team Lead and Senior Software Architect Brian Holmberg

Brian Holmberg Team Lead and Senior Software Architect, Solita

Published 24 May 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1600 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Brian, our Team Lead and Senior Software Architect in Denmark.

I enjoy seeing my team members thrive

I work as a Senior Software Architect and a Team Lead, meaning that I split my time about fifty-fifty between client work and people leading. My team has tripled since I joined 18 months ago, so it’s been an impressive growth journey for us.

In my Senior Software Architects role, I’m working with customers with my team. I’m currently leading several projects with different customers. They are smaller projects related to application management services, which are more about maintenance, support, and sometimes small-scale development tasks. I often oversee that things move forward, facilitating the status meetings and ensuring the invoices are sent.

I also work as a Software Architect for some projects, which could mean shorter or longer periods alongside my other work. I like having different tasks and roles in my daily life; my job never gets boring!

While I like the variety, I enjoy getting my hands dirty with the tech stuff. On top of that, I get positive energy by seeing my team members succeed and grow, personally and professionally. There is nothing better than seeing your team members thrive. Helping our customers to succeed by finding solutions to their tech or business challenges also gives me energy, and I think my whole team shares this sentiment.

Tough situations are an opportunity to grow

I can make an impact on several fronts. As a Team Lead, I can contribute to the growth of my people. Sometimes people have setbacks, which is part of working life, but it’s great to see how they bounce back and grow from these experiences. We make a difference also at the customer. Finding solutions to our customer’s challenges and seeing them happy working with us is great. I love talking to people, getting to know them, and discovering how we can help them.

It’s inevitable in our line of work that unexpected events occur, and things don’t always go as planned. The challenging moments are an opportunity to step up our game. We have to know how to deal with challenges and perform a bit extra if those situations happen. That way, the customer learns to trust us. If we lead a tough situation well and manage to find a solution at the end, it’s an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship and grow professionally.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow and develop in my job alongside my team. I have many certificates in my pocket, and I’ve done a Professional Scrum Product Owner exam. I’ve learned a lot about Azure Cloud Solutions. This People Lead role is my first formal manager role, which has allowed me to learn new things. I feel lucky that we are five Team Leads at the office in Aalborg, and we all are eager to share knowledge and learn together.

Passion and collaboration make us different

We have a culture that embraces collaboration and helping each other. Our business model supports this way of working; it’s my job as a Team Lead to ensure people have an appropriate amount of work. There is no pressure or competition on an individual level. This approach is highly appreciated within the company; it’s not a standard practice in the consulting industry.

People here are passionate about what they do and generally curious to learn new things. We have introverts and extroverts; the most important thing is having the passion and will to help our customers. We have different roles for different people; not everyone needs to be an outspoken extrovert.

If I’d summarise our way of working into one word, it would probably be decency. We want to be decent with our customers and with our employees. We are not billing extra, and we want to make fair deals. At the same time, we want to take care of our people, ensure they feel well, and have a life-work balance. To make our customers happy, we need to have happy employees. They go hand in hand.

The company does many things to take care of people, and fostering a sense of community is one of those things. In our office at Aalborg, we have a tradition of playing board games once a month on Fridays after work. We get together to play, eat pizza and have some drinks. I greatly enjoy these get-togethers, as board games are one of my passions!

We are constantly looking for new colleagues to join our caring community! Take a look at our open positions!

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