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Mobile services

We combine advanced data capabilities, design and development to create mobile solutions that change the way companies interact with their customers and run operations.

Our mobile solution expertise

From customer understanding to technical implementation and continuous development – everything you need to turn ideas into impactful solutions that utilise modern mobile technology and device features.

Solita mobile services

Consumer apps and services – winning in the mobile-first era

Today, consumers spend more time than ever on mobile. Mobile is our go-to device when we shop, search for information and interact with others. At the same time, consumers’ expectations towards customer experiences are higher than ever.

Providing personalised, first-class customer experiences and winning the competition in the mobile-first economy requires combining data, technology and human insight. At Solita, that is our bread and butter. We help you to design seamless, user-centric, multi-channel service experiences and will take care of the implementation using modern mobile technologies.

Mobile solutions for consumers

HSL Mobile – Over 100.000 sold public transportation tickets every day

Koronavilkku – The awarded and world´s most downloaded coronavirus app

S-Pankki Säästäjä – Finland’s first mobile microsaving service

Internal tools and B2B apps – changing the way companies run their operations

Mobile solutions can be powerful tools to digitise repeating tasks and routine work away from desktops, and streamline operations and manufacturing processes. Mobile features such as camera and GPS tracking combined with data and user-friendly interfaces give employees new possibilities to do their work efficiently.

Mobile solutions for field work and manufacturing

  • The app became an element that changed the entire company’s work culture

    An Android application was developed to support the work of employees and supervisors working in different locations. Originally, the solution was built for the quality monitoring of the services. After a successful launch, the app was developed further to serve several different needs such as making security observations and becoming employees’ knowledge bank of different customer destinations.
  • A traffic control and management service company

    A mobile app was developed for track workers. Its goal was to improve the efficiency and safety of track work by locating track teams, digitalising operative information and enabling real-time information about ongoing track work. The application has significantly decreased manual work and enabled the development of capacity management for track works.
  • A multinational engineering and manufacturing company

    An iPad app takes care of transferring drilling plans, drilling reports and machine data nearly automatically in mining environments where wifi is not available. In addition, the app also provides easy access to machine’s troubleshooting and manuals.

Our award-winning mobile solutions

  • Grand One 2023

    Helsinki Design System

    Winner: Best design system

    Pocket therapist

    Honourable mention: Best digital service

  • Grand One 2022

    Terveystalo Time Booking

    Winner: Best user experience

  • Grand One 2021

    Lahjoita Puhetta

    Winner: Best mobile service; Honourable mention: Best use of data


    Winner: Best user experience; Honourable mention: Best mobile service

  • Grand One 2020

    Terveystalo – Oma Terveys

    Winner: Best mobile service

    Coxa – Oravizio AI application

    Honourable mention: Best use of data

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