Velliv puts transparency first

Case Velliv

Velliv (formerly Nordea Liv & Pension) is a Danish customer-owned life insurance and pension company. Founded in 1919, it is 100% owned by Velliv Foreningen, making it one of Denmark’s largest commercial pension companies with approximately 400,000 customers.

Velliv employed an external supplier to set up several internal systems to optimise quality, increase the speed of error correction, to ensure a more self-sufficient and above all, a transparent service for Application Management.

Flexible framework

Solita has taken over responsibility for further developing and maintaining a large portfolio of solutions for handling several critical processes within Velliv.

Velliv now has a flexible framework for Application Management with us. Within this framework, Velliv can add and remove applications, change the service level, and select services for individual applications.

With us, Velliv has Danish-speaking developers who are close enough to be on-site if necessary. They have a permanent team of highly skilled developers who ensure that knowledge remains embedded and that the resourceful team works efficiently and with high quality.

Case Velliv

Modern work with modern systems

Working with the latest technology is crucial for ensuring a scalable and future-proof system. We are working on strategic initiatives to modernise Velliv’s system landscape, which includes modernising their CRM, consolidating systems, and moving away from the mainframe to a cloud-based system (AWS and Azure). It’s a lengthy process consisting of iterations of analysis, PoC, and development.

Control of valuable data

A pension company like Velliv continuously produces large amounts of data, which is of significant and precious value if utilised correctly and with care. We have a team working on increasing Velliv’s digital maturity, ensuring a strategic approach to data, and that customers are presented with consistent and correct data across applications. 

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