Generative AI

Generative AI

Generative AI

Unlock the transformative power of generative AI for people, business and technology

With our fullstack AI competence and our approach based on real-world applicability, we aim to simplify the complexities of generative AI and pinpoint actionable opportunities for your organisation.

Our generative AI consulting services

Comprehensive deep dives from different viewpoints


Empower teams to apply generative AI, driving innovation and positive impact in ways of working 

  • Future-proof your business with GenAI skills 
  • Ensure sustainable use & governance of GenAI 
  • Plan empowering GenAI policies


Discover new business opportunities, transform your operations and drive customer experience with the help of generative AI

  • Screen potential business implications of GenAI
  • Discover GenAI use cases that move the needle
  • Design ambitious GenAI strategy


Capitalise on tools, technologies, robust & secure architectures, and the latest AI DevOps best practices

  • Make full use of GenAI tools
  • Pilot fine-tuned LLM for your business context
  • Draft comprehensive GenAI architecture

Quick learnings

Intensive & interactive onsite learnings  

  • GenAI Masterclass for executives

    Understand the potential
  • GenAI round table for experts

     Discover possibilities

We are helping the Social Security Institute of Finland in understanding AI as a social phenomenon and capturing the AI opportunities within their core value stream, which impacts the lives of 5.5 million people every day.