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Generative AI is a transformative technology when it is applied right. At the same time as an abundance of new opportunities arise, we are already seeing the tsunami of failed GenAI projects approaching. As with AI projects in general, the majority of started GenAI projects won’t reach the aspired outcomes.

With over 15 years of experience, we see beyond the current hype and help our customers at different phases of their AI transformation journeys. We believe strongly that every successful GenAI project starts by bringing cross-disciplinary competencies together. Our approach is a strong focus on business case, service design, real-world applicability & sustainability, data foundation, and AI & software engineering.

We’ve successfully helped dozens of organisations create value with GenAI. How can we help? Let’s discuss!

GenAI value drivers

GenAI holds immense potential for positive impact and transformative value across diverse industries.

  • Enhanced customer & user experience

    • Efficient 24/7 customer support​
    • Make sense of your customer journey ​
    • Insight-driven customer services​
    • Personalisation

  • Productivity revolution

    • Employee AI assistants & copilots​
    • Accelerated code generation & digital development​
    • Automated deliverable generation

  • Enhance creativity & new business opportunities

    • Market insight-driven business development ​
    • Enhanced R&D
  • Next level process automation & optimisation

    • Automating cognitive tasks​
    • Interpreting unstructured data​
    • Digital workforce

How can we help Our GenAI professional services

We not only advocate for comprehensive GenAI strategies but also offer support in evaluating business implications, maximizing the potential of off-the-shelf tools, coaching organizational transformation, and more. Our services are based on our showcased expertise and guide clients from initial understanding and opportunity evaluation to experimentation, PoCs, and ultimately, the scalable integration and transformation of GenAI and LLM-based technologies.

Building initial understanding and discovering & evaluating the right GenAI opportunities

  • AI Masterclass: Understand the potential and limitations
  • GenAI hackathon: Discover unique GenAI opportunities and learn
  • GenAI showcase/PoC: Build a practical understanding of the GenAI potential rapidly with proven solution patterns

Enabling experimentation and providing value through first GenAI PoCs & pilots

  • AI strategy: Design an ambitious AI strategy with a roadmap for top opportunities & needed capabilities
  • AI Opportunity Mapping – Discover desirable, feasible & sustainable AI use cases that move the needle
  • GenAI Kickstart – Rapidly co-create a production-ready GenAI pilot that supports your goals
  • AI Guidelines & Principles – Plan empowering AI guidelines & policies for your organisation
  • GenAI Tech Strategy – Map out your business-oriented and secure future tech adoption roadmap
  • LLM Solution Evaluation & Design – Fit-for-purpose approach, incl. RAG/chunking strategy, vector dbs, LLMs, embeddings & orchestration, etc.

Productionising GenAI & scaling benefits through extensive utilisation and transformation

  • AI Governance – Ensure sustainable & compliant use and governance of AI

  • LLMOps Architecture & Processes – Setup a scalable MLOps & LLMOps capability to run large-scale (Gen)AI adoption

  • (Gen)AI Solution Development – Apply (Gen)AI to transform your business

  • Data & AI Academy – Future-proof the data & AI skills of your whole organization

  • AI Taskforce as a Service – Drive & facilitate a comprehensive and sustainable artificial intelligence program with the help of Solita’s cross-disciplinary team

  • (Gen)AI Lifecycle Services – Ensure smooth and impactful operation of AI applications and solutions


See our work

NATO Responsible AI for defence: Providing NATO leaders a strong foundation in AI fundamentals
Nato AI masterclass
Solita’s extensive experience in training senior leadership on AI and machine learning, combined with their experience in working with defence organisations, helped to shape the direction of NATO’s AI Masterclass.

Dr. Michael Street Chief, Exploiting Data Science and AI

Case Kela Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland Significant opportunities for Kela through AI 
This is an incredibly significant project both for us and our society.

Ville Nore Head of Innovation & Growth, Kela

Case Tana Tana Generative AI to enhance after-sales service support
This project demystifies AI. It shows that AI solutions will be part of our daily operations. We will especially use them to complement the know-how of experts and to speed up information retrieval.

Teemu Lintula Vice President of Services & Digital Solutions, Tana

We take pride in staying on top of the game. Our own GenAI Lab initiative, through which we adopt and evaluate new tech constantly, ensures that we can support you with the latest validated GenAI tech.

Mikael Ruohonen Business Lead, Data Science & AI, Solita

Our GenAI partners

Solita is a partner of all the relevant GenAI tech and platform providers. We have earned the rare AI and machine learning in Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, which is a verification of our deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in designing and implementing tailored AI, Generative AI, and ML solutions, following Microsoft and industry best practices.


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