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6 crucial things about our culture

Caring, easy-going, courageous and passionate – these are our values and this is the culture that thrives from them.

Benefits of being a Solitan Our benefits

Our culture and benefits reflect our values. Here’s some examples of how working here supports balanced life in different stages.

  • Freedom and flexibility

    Freedom & flexibility

    At Solita, hybrid work is absolutely ok. And work adjusts to your daily life: sometimes personal matters or changes in life call for shorter hours or increased flexibility. We’re completely fine with that.

    Here’s four examples of how we support flexibility and work-life-balance:

    1. Hybrid work is part of our culture, and is defined by the team and project at hand
    2. Toolings, subscriptions and workstations support the way you want to work
    3. Unpaid leaves are ok – sometimes you just need time off
    4. Flexible working hours
  • Supporting wellbeing

    Supporting well-being

    Wellbeing consists of many different things. We are committed to supporting wellbeing from all different perspectives, be it through sports clubs or physiotherapy.

    Check the list of the most beloved benefits for wellbeing:

    1. Comprehensive occupational health care with a strong focus on well-being, incl. for example psychotherapy services and sleep coach.
    2. Support for mental well-being with different coaching possibilities
    3. Each managerial team has their own budget for free time team activities
    4. Subsidised hobby clubs and after-work get-togethers
  • Learning and competence development

    Learning & competence development

    When you’re twenty and applying for your first job, you’ve got different needs than someone who’s got 20 years in the business. But one thing is in common: if you want to develop, it needs to be possible. Our learning academies support people at any stage of their careers.

    Here’s some examples how that happens:

    1. Solita growth academy is a combination of different growth tracks for all solitans, covering both tech, methodology and cognitive skills.
    2. Competence communities support personal growth
    3. Certification opportunities – choose yours and go for it
    4. Using work time on competence development – not an open tap, but absolutely advisable
  • Life friendliness

    Life friendliness

    Work life comes with lots of deadlines and combining schedules at work and at home with daycares and hobbies. At Solita, we try to make our daily life less hectic and more smooth sailing.

    Few examples how:

    1. We’re all different. Our target is to make leading own well-being possible for every Solitan, be it by in-house coaching, virtual coaching or open group coaching, for example.
    2. We support parents to allocate their parental leave the way that best suits their lives. Be it father or mother, parenting comes first during the first important steps of child’s life.
    3. Day napping rooms – yes it’s absolutely ok at any of our offices if the situation calls for a nap!
    4. For some of us simple things, like biking to work, means the world. We value those things too by offering a bike benefit – among other things that just make us tick.

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