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People of Solita: Data Engineer Malin Lindvall

Malin Lindvall Data Engineer, Solita

Published 22 Jun 2023

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Meet our People of Solita: We have over 1700 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Malin, our Data Engineer in Sweden.

Say hello to our colleague Malin Lindvall! Malin has studied IT economics at Stockholm University, which means she has knowledge in both business economics and computer science. After working as a data analyst at an auditing firm for a couple of years, she realized that she was more interested in the technical aspect. She was recommended to attend Solita’s Data Academy. Now, she has been working as a Data Engineer with us for two years. When she’s not working with data, she enjoys spending time with her partner and dog, a Staffordshire named Masha, or riding horses.

We are really happy to have Malin onboard and we asked her a few questions about…

… Solita Data Academy?

For me, attending Solita’s Data Academy was a perfect fit! I had been working in data analysis for a couple of years and was used to working with data, but I lacked knowledge of tools and methodologies. The program is full-time and lasts for one month. It’s a short duration, but you learn a lot. We covered all the essential tools, such as AWS, Snowflake and dbt.

What I liked the most was the hands-on approach – we got to try out all the tools ourselves. Another benefit of the program is that all the instructors are experienced consultants from Solita, which means you get to know many of the experts within the company. This makes it easy to seek advice when you’re out on assignments yourself.

I can highly recommend Solita’s Data Academy; it’s a luxury to be able to make a career transition so efficiently and in such a short period of time.

… life as a consultant?

I really enjoy working as a consultant! After completing the Solita Data Academy, I went straight to a client, diving right into real-world projects. As a consultant, I can always benefit from the expertise of my colleagues, allowing me to take on a more senior role in projects than I would have otherwise been able to after such a relatively short period of time. Being a consultant provides an accelerated learning curve, which suits me well.

… what is she working on right now?

I work full-time with a client, we have migrated their data solution from one platform to Snowflake Cloud. Now that the migration is complete, I am currently focusing on expanding the solution by integrating data from other systems. At the moment, my main focus is on data transformation, working with Snowflake and dbt to model the data. My job involves combining different data sets to create reports, which are then transformed into dashboards by another consultant. I find myself somewhere in the middle of the data pipeline right now.

… what areas she hopes to develop within in the future?

In the fall, I will be switching client assignments. I’m looking forward to working with new tools and learning more about a different part of the data pipeline. Now, there will be a greater focus on data loading, and I’m excited about it because it will be even more technical!

… how she feels about Solita?

After two years at Solita, I feel really happy and content! All of my colleagues are open, helpful, skilled, and down-to-earth. Something that is important to me is that I can create my own path of development and I know I will always be able to do that at Solita. There are fantastic opportunities for skill development within the company – we have a constant flow of training sessions in various areas, ranging from education on the most complex technologies to workshops focused on how the brain functions.

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