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Remote work stories: Felix Disson

Felix Disson Consultant, Solita

Published 18 Jun 2020

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We started our company-wide remote working on Friday 13th of March 2020. A #remotework channel was created on Slack, and since then our community has been sharing tips on staying sane and funny stories from their new remote working life. We asked a few of these people to share their stories and their “new normal”.

This is Felix’s story: What is your role? Which team?

I am part of the pretty new German team, which has offices in Berlin and Munich. I am working in Berlin as an expert in marketing communications, strategy and marketing technology. In my role as a consultant, I help our customers by implementing a customer-centric strategy and the necessary tools to create growth by being more data-driven. I also create these growth opportunities for our own company as I am part of the internal marketing team and responsible for all things related to the German market.

But my work is not limited to this. In such a new team that is trying to find its place in the market, we are all helping each other wherever we can – representing Solita at trade shows, organising meetups for the expert community in Munich, making presentations look better or even putting together new chairs for the office.

What are you working on?

Currently, most of my time is going into helping our client Lumas with the implementation of Custobar to ramp up their CRM. By segmenting their customer base and creating relevant and hyper-targeted campaigns we will be able to create growth opportunities with data-driven marketing.

What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

I started almost a year ago as an external partner and joined Solita full-time in March this year. What I really love about Solita is the freedom you are given by the company to develop areas you are interested in. For me, that means I have recently started digging deeper into master data management, databases and deepening my knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. And the support you get is amazing. There’s a slack channel for everything and it always takes only a few seconds to get an answer. Sometimes a simple question can spark a lengthy discussion and the passion people bring into this is what I really appreciate.

What’s your biggest passion(s)?

My biggest passions are people and their stories. It is due to my job as a marketeer that at the other end of all we do there is a human being: our clients, whom we help make their jobs easier and in the long run do a better job, but also their end-customers for whom we create meaningful products or services, which are relevant to their lives.

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far?

For me, the most impactful experience was seeing all our health cases. Solita literally saves lives. And with the mandate to create the official COVID19 tracing app for Finland, we are continuing to create meaningful impact for so many people.

What brightens your #remotework day?

My new flatmates. We had a squirrel building its nest on our balcony almost the same time the contact restrictions in Germany took place. We called it Wilson, based on the volleyball in Castaway, until we realised noises came out of the nest and Wilson is a mother. But we stuck to the name. So we had the chance to watch them grow from blind little furballs to quite active little explorers and we even were there when the mother moved with all 4 of them into a bigger nest. Wilson is still coming everyday to our balcony and she’s trusting us so much, we can feed her by hand.

I also have the old Tempelhof airfield in front of my house. Since we all had to stay home, I missed the commute and the morning rituals connected to this. So I’ve been doing a fake commute every morning – 20 minutes in the fresh morning air with a cup of coffee. I also use the opportunity to make some more steps on my fitbit during long client calls on the airfield. Which resulted in the fact that I am now more active than I have been before corona. But with all the snacks and food in reach at home, this is sadly a zero-sum game.


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