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People of Solita: Software Designer Niko Huttu

Niko Huttu Software Designer, Solita

Published 14 Dec 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 2000 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Niko, our Software Developer and recent Dev Academy Graduate from Oulu, Finland.

I started as a Dev Academy student at Solita after 10 months experience in the industry.

My journey into the tech world wasn’t the most conventional one. After three unsuccessful law school attempts, I changed directions. I became interested in technology, but I had to improve my high school certificate grades before starting this quest. I studied intensely for six months, managed to improve my grades, and was accepted to study Computer Science at the University of Oulu in 2021.

During my first year of studies, another unexpected turn occurred. I scored my first tech job in an unusual setting – a badminton dressing room on December 23rd! As I casually talked about my coding plans for Christmas to a friend, a stranger overheard and suggested applying for a job at his company. This stranger turned out to be one of the founders, and the courage to follow up later in January led me to my first tech industry internship.

Working in the industry piqued my interest in organizational dynamics. I wanted to learn more about business and organizations, so I redirected my studies and switched to Industrial Engineering and Management.

Inspired by my growth, I decided to apply to Solita’s Dev Academy. I had heard positive things about Solita, they had interesting projects and provided promising career opportunities. I also heard that it was possible to work part-time at Solita, which was a big attraction for me as a student. Completing the assessment project during the application process also seemed like a promising way to acquire new credentials and knowledge.

Fast forward to March 2023, I embarked on an intense 6-week study period at Dev Academy, accompanied by a dynamic group of 12 individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Expanding my professional skills at Dev Academy

The experience was eye-opening! Despite thinking I knew a lot, the program delved deeper, expanding my knowledge. Collaborative learning, engaging discussions, and an immersive two-day workshop in Helsinki made the experience unforgettable.

One of the most challenging parts was mastering a new coding language, Clojure, which isn’t the most common language. Initially, it felt like I wasn’t making any progress and I felt a bit frustrated. But with perseverance and the support of my mentor, I overcame the hurdle and Now I feel quite confident with the language.

Besides coding skills, the program also improved my collaboration and consulting skills. I also got broader knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Proactive skills and enthusiasm counts at Solita

Now, I’m working for Solita three days a week while I continue with my University Degree. Solita has a strong knowledge sharing culture and I appreciate the fact that employees get to have a say in what they want to work on. Diverse perspectives and continuous learning opportunities fuel my enthusiasm for growth and I see many possibilities ahead.

Looking ahead, I aspire to advance my coding expertise and explore team leadership roles or project management. Solita’s support for growth and the breadth of career paths available make it an ideal workplace.

I attribute my progress to a proactive attitude and belief in my learning abilities, which led me to where I am today. I feel right at home here!

Solita’s Dev Academy is a full-time, immersive onboarding experience designed to kickstart your career in software development. It’s not a training program or internship; it’s a deep dive into our approach to software development and real project work. Our Academians are full time Solita employees from day one, with salary and employee benefits. Join us for hands-on technical learning and mentor-guided assignments to launch your career journey. Learn more about our Talent Academies at Solita’s website.

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