Five things that give our culture its power Solita as a workplace

Are you interested in Solita and our work culture? Learn about the things that give our culture its power, and why it matters to us.

We want to help solve some of the trickiest challenges organisations and societies have. We can only do this when we come from a healthy place – as individuals, in our teams and as a company. 

As we grow, it becomes even more important to understand our culture and to agree on its essentials. Discover what Solita is like as a workplace.

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Here’s why we want to write this stuff down

  • To help us defend and preserve our culture’s fundamentals – so we resist the cultural erosion that can come with growth.
  • To guide our decisions and behaviours – helping us translate values into action.  
  • To keep this a great place to be – so we go to work two steps at a time (most days).

Solita as a workplace

Our culture is a combination of caring and high levels of autonomy. Read what gives our culture its power.

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