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People of Solita: Lia de Navarro Menezes, Integrations Specialist

Lia de Navarro Menezes Integration Specialist, Solita

Published 24 Feb 2023

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Say hello to our colleague Lia de Navarro Menezes! Lia is born in Mumbai, India and after finishing her bachelor’s degree in engineering she got a job offer that took her to Sweden. She has been living and working in Sweden for six years now, three of them with us at Solita. She is still adjusting to the cold and darkness during Swedish winter and regularly tries to escape it by going back to her family in India for holidays and stocking up on sunlight. When Lia isn’t working, she enjoys painting or playing board games with her partner and friends.

We are really happy to have Lia onboard and we asked her a few questions about..

..her job as an Integrations Specialist?

I love my job! I was actually one of the first Integrations specialists here at Solita in Sweden, back when we were only a few people at the Stockholm office. Before joining Solita I was a consultant at another consultancy, but Solita caught my attention because it seemed like a fun company to work at. The job ad had a personal appeal that I liked, and the community seemed friendly and laid back, as well as super skilled and professional. And that turned out to be true.

..the culture at Solita?

I really like the culture, it is open and inclusive, and it is easy to make friends. I hang out with a lot of my colleagues outside of work too. The Slack community is a big thing at Solita, it is super easy to reach out for help or support.

..what a typical day looks like?

Right now, I’m working with a client in Gothenburg. They are in the recycling business, and we are building an integration platform in Azure for them. It is part of a bigger initiative to modernize their IT landscape by replacing their existing ERP/TMS solutions with a customer-oriented common business platform. I also help out on a smaller assignment for an eye tracking company.

There are no typical days, they are all different, but I‘m often at the office on Fridays and start off the day with breakfast with my colleagues. Then we usually have a stand-up meeting with the team. We are four consultants from Solita, working together with other consultants and the client’s inhouse team. After that, it is different customer meetings and project work throughout the day. I usually go out for lunch with colleagues, we often try out new restaurants. Sometimes we have after work at the office on Fridays.

..what she enjoys the most about life as a consultant?

I love to be able to work with different companies and industries, meet a lot of new people, and work with the latest technologies. As a consultant, you get an accelerated learning process because you get to do so much in a shorter period of time. You get a lot of influences, and you just learn so much from that.

..the biggest challenges with being a consultant?

Managing the prioritization, definitely. Especially when you are working with more than one client. It is challenging to balance everything, to deliver on time without overworking yourself.

But Solita has a good support system in place to make sure that doesn’t happen, we have ways to highlight when someone seems to be working too much. Then they are encouraged to slow down.

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