Analytics and data science

Digitalization enables companies and organizations to benefit from data and knowledge in ways that were not possible before. It is often possible to generate exact, measured data from processes, machines and use of services. That data can now be combined into analytics-based insight, easy-to-use and visual knowledge. You get a clearer big picture, that helps better manage the company or organization and its operations. Your customer gets better customer experiences and better services. With modern solutions, you can create value and competitive advantage from data faster and more cost effectively.

Solita employs a large team of data science experts that can help you for example

  • forecast more accurately your sales and demand or even individual client needs
  • optimize your assortment and services wisely
  • predict traffic behaviour
  • support preventive maintenance with accurate data
  • all in all, build better customer experiences in all your channels

Agility is our leading principle – we help you operate faster and lead your operations more accurately than before. Build a data warehouse in a day, create better insight in a week and launch new micro services to your clients in a month. We are your guides to the digitalizing world of analytics and data science.

“With Solita we wanted to evaluate different cloud solutions, services and components to fulfill our future analytical needs. Solita brought added value in helping us make the right choices and implementing a future proof platform.” – Antti Heino, Program Manager, Amer Sports


Leading Finnish companies DNA and Sanoma use AWS tools for predictive analytics

Solita is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner and has received the Big Data Competency status. Solita uses AWS tools to create advanced analytics solutions for companies such as the leading media group Sanoma and a major Finnish operator DNARead more about our AWS services.

“Our results on this field are incredible. Our data driven operations are way ahead of the market but also technically we have accomplished great things. Thanks for the Solita team for that!” – Jarno Kartela, Head of Analytics, DNA

“Our cooperation with Solita went smoothly from the beginning. We managed to get the first online services utilizing analytics in production very quickly.” – Pasi Ruhanen, Head of Consumer Data Asset, Sanoma

Download guide: How to use AI in business

What do AI and machine learning actually mean and how businesses can benefit from them? How to get started? Read our new guide.

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Download guide: Towards data-driven culture

Whether you want to develop new services or serve your customers better, making use of data will offer entirely new types of opportunities for your business. Download this guide and take your organisation towards a new, data-driven culture.

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Solita Agile Data Solution

Solita Agile Data Solution is a set of services that enables you to create new competitive advantage, by collecting and enriching data to improve your services and businesses - in an agile, cost-effective and fast way. Our professionals help you with strategies and architecture, information management, analytics and customer-centric service development.


    External & Internal Data Sources

    This module consists of data stores and refinery logics. Refinement stands for combining different data sources and engineering of the new meaningful information from the different data sources. The stores consist of hot and cold -data stores. Hot data stores for continuous use with intensive query intervals and cold data stores for storing data for new product and service development.


    Explorative Analytics / Reporting & Insights

    With advanced cloud analytics services, we find the right questions, problems, insights that you can validate business cases faster than you think.


    Value through predictive analytics model

    In some cases, you start steering your business efforts and taking competitive leaps immediately through predictive analytics models.


    Customer Centric Services

    At the end of the day, the increased understanding and new insights guide you in making better services, products and pricing models. And that benefits your bottom line.


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