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Unlock the secrets of AI with our comprehensive hands-on training

Solita AI Masterclass for Executives

Solita AI Masterclass for Executives

Solita AI Masterclass is a unique training course that gives your leadership team a practical understanding of AI technologies.

Inspiring and practical kick-off for AI in business

A balance of theory and hands-on application, this course looks beyond all the hype. During one focused training day we will dive into AI, finding out what it is – and what it is not – and how to design and deploy AI solutions that create measurable value. Working together with our experienced AI professionals, you will discover how AI can enhance and transform your business.

There is a lot of hype around Artificial Intelligence. Technology provides huge potential for new business opportunities and innovations, enabling companies to sustain competitive advantage. But how do you create AI solutions driven by business and customer value, not technology? Our AI Masterclass gives you an excellent starting point for utilising AI in your business:

  • How to find solutions that create value for business and customers?
  • What do you need to consider, from data & technology, skills, and business point of view?
  • What are the applications that benefit your business, also in the long run – and in a sustainable way?
  • Read how AI Masterclass inspired DNA leadership
Solita AI Masterclass was exactly at the right level for senior executives. It helped to remove the hype and offered insights into using AI to enhance our business.

Jussi Leskinen Director of Customer Experience Management, Lindström

What you get?

  • Knowledge

    Basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, case examples where AI has been used to create measurable business valueand practical tips on how to achieve long-term success
  • Practice

    Practical application through use case workshop with Solita’s experts, prioritised use cases for AI in your business and focus areas for AI use cases in your business
  • Next steps

    Suggestions for what to do next on your AI journey
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