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Manufacturing industries are living in an era of accelerated change and rapid demand for renewal. Industrial digitalisation, servitisation, sustainability awakening and recent volatile fluctuations in economics are shaping the way organisations create value and interact with each other. Solita Industrial helps manufacturing businesses to turn the change into a competitive advantage with a comprehensive digital expertise that combines technology, data and human insight.

How can we help Our key themes

Business renewal

Reinvent your business. Or someone else will.

Change is inevitable and the opportunities in the era of digital servitisation are endless. We help you to design and realise new revenue streams enabled by intelligent products and services.

  • Design and execute digital strategy
  • Transform your offering
  • Re-engineer revenue streams
  • Accelerate digital innovation

Data-driven operational excellence

Empower the digital workforce with modern tools, data and analytics to drive continuous improvement.

Data-driven culture is hard to acquire. It needs to be grown inside and powered with purposely built solutions that have a measurable impact on business and people’s work.

  • Develop people competences and data culture
  • Modernise apps for the digital workforce
  • Improve your production and supply chain operations with data and analytics
  • Power your processes with machine learning and AI

Connected enterprise

Digitalisation blurs the traditional boundaries between organisations. Reconsider your reach and timing.

Never before it has been as important to feed the digital interaction with the correct information at the right time. Build feedback loops to deliver sustained value by unlocking new information assets with connectivity.

  • Improve operations with smart connected factories
  • Develop intelligent connected products
  • Increase transparency in supply chain
  • Engage customers with connectivity

Sustainable value creation

Future proof your business by minimising your footprint and turning sustainability into business value and competitive advantage.

Sustainability has quickly become the key driver of innovation in many industrial companies. Due to its horisontal and multi-disciplinary nature, finding pragmatic focus for turning sustainability into competitive advantage is the key.

  • Design and build new circular businesses
  • Comply with sustainability requirements
  • Improve traceability and accountability
  • Maintain competitive sustainability offering

Our work

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Case Solita and Mirka: A modern sander can communicate
Mirka A modern sander can communicate
Our cooperation has been seamless, fluid and very unbureaucratic. Together, we wanted to create additional value for our customers.

Matias Sandås Program Manager, Mirka

Commentor, a Solita company, created a new portal solution for Aalborg Portland Aalborg Portland A new portal solution for Aalborg Portland
With our new ‘AP IT Tools’ package, we ensure that our customers get a better user interface and more insight and control of their own data. It also means that we have even more time for sparring and counselling our customers, as we no longer have the same amount of maintenance of our systems.

Jens Mouritsen Møller Product Consultant, Aalborg Portland

Case SSAB Cloud strategy and governance SSAB Cloud strategy and governance gives SSAB a silver lining for their cloud journey
In order to be able to trace the steel production stages from sourcing, production and distribution all the way to the claims, we need tools, almost all of which are only available in the cloud.

Antonio Covas Enterprise Architect, SSAB

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