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Innovations and new business

Innovations and new business

Secure your long term business success in a changing world.

Your ability to reinvent is key!

Evolving business environments and value networks under disruption are pushing established companies to renew themselves at an entirely new pace. Welcome to an era where companies must lead the lifespans of different business models!

Your innovation drivers might come from sustainability, disrupted value streams or your own ambition to future-proof your business in the long term. Whatever the case, you’ve entered one of the most difficult parts of business: breaking the gravity of existing profit drivers and creating new ones at scale.

Solita innovations and new business

What are you looking to accomplish?

  1. New business ventures

    Ambition to explore opportunities in innovation horizons and find new sources of revenue and growth.

  2. Innovation performance

    Objective of improving time-to-revenue, building innovation muscle and getting the required levels of innovation management in place.

  3. Renewing the code

    A transformation journey for e.g. becoming data-driven and renewing business models with data and AI.

Ambidextrous organisations

The road to success requires getting both sides, the new and the current, to coexist and feed each other. It’s obvious, but most still don’t get it right. 

Commonly, this happens because humanness is left out of the mix. Businesses explore innovation horizons and exploit existing business models.

However, the actual people doing them have completely different mindsets from each other. Get this right, and you’re on the correct path.

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Working together?

We help an organisation tap its creative potential and turn it into action at all its levels by crafting tailored hands-on programmes from executive-level roundtables to talent programmes and new organisational setups.

Transformation journey

  • Leadership and Growth boards: innovation for executives
  • Business agility at scale and principles
  • Transformation thesis and vision (re)framing: from strategies to tactics

Tailored programmes

  • Venture programmes and internal start-ups
  • Design thinking and data academies
  • Innovation accounting and managing ventures

  • Tailored talent programmes combining data, design and agility

  • Transformation thesis and vision (re)framing: from strategies to tactics

New structures

  • Portfolio setups and development frameworks

  • Scaled development models and business agility

  • Organisation and functions for innovation

  • Centre of excellences: i.e. data-driven business development

Outokumpu Outokumpu digital innovation hub drives AI solutions in sustainable stainless steel
Case Outokumpu
We’re very pleased with the results because we accomplished our goals. Every aspect of this project went very smoothly: recruiting, assigning ownership, establishing in-house processes and capabilities, selecting business cases, and showing the values.

Kristiina Tiilas Vice President IT, Europe, Outokumpu