Solita launches a new unit for Generative AI

Published 25 May 2023

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Solita’s new Generative AI competence unit offers companies and public entities services that enable them to effectively utilise the opportunities provided by large language models (LLM). The unit will start operations in six countries.

The technology, data, and design company Solita has founded a new Generative AI competence unit. The goal of the cross-disciplinary Generative AI unit, consisting of experienced data and artificial intelligence experts and developers, is to help companies and public organisations to interpret and utilise opportunities related to artificial intelligence safely and effectively. “The business-oriented utilisation of large language models, such as ChatGPT, is quickly becoming a decisive success factor. The game is changing fast”, commented Solita CEO Ossi Lindroos.

Generative artificial intelligence is estimated to significantly change operations in many vital processes of companies and several industries in the next few years. It is believed to, for example, significantly boost the productivity of software development, customer service, business analytics, production of various contents and personalisation of digital services. Solita’s new Generative AI unit offers concrete solutions based on generative artificial intelligence and large language models for the growth of client companies, business development and operational efficiency.

“The ability to use generative AI in a business-oriented manner as it continues to advance will provide an exceptional competitive advantage. However, without a deep understanding of the effects of generative artificial intelligence, the company can run into problems in the development work by creating expensive point-like solutions that do not produce the desired impact or results. Solita’s generative AI experts help companies use artificial intelligence as a catalyst for growth and business effectively and safely”, said Solita’s CEO Ossi Lindroos.

The Generative AI phenomenon generates global demand

The services of the Solita Generative AI unit, operating in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany, will include analysing the business potential and use cases of generative artificial intelligence, tailoring large language models to the unique contexts of organisations, bringing generative artificial intelligence to software design and architecture, mapping risks related to information security and artificial intelligence, and instructing personnel. At the same time, the unit supports all of Solita’s own business areas in the comprehensive utilisation of new artificial intelligence solutions.

“Many companies are currently pondering how to proceed with utilising generative AI. In the midst of hype, it is important for companies to analyse the fundamental questions of their business. Utilising artificial intelligence may seem easy, but it also involves risks. Interdisciplinary planning of solutions and their utilisation is central to achieving large-scale positive effects”, said Mikael Ruohonen, Business Lead for Solita’s AI and data science unit.

The new unit continues Solita’s years of work with artificial intelligence. The company already has over 60 AI experts in Europe, supported internationally by more than 600 Solita data experts. Solita has previously carried out projects utilising artificial intelligence for companies such as KONE, DNA, Coxa, Amer Sports, Patria, and SmartEnergi. Solita has also invested in sustainable AI and training customer organisations on the topic.

Generative artificial intelligence refers to the latest content-creating artificial intelligence solutions that are developing remarkably. Some of the most well-known applications of generative artificial intelligence at the moment include ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, Midjourney, and DALL-E.

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