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Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture

Identify relevant technology for your business

Flexibility and the ability to adjust quickly are major success factors for companies today. One of the biggest drivers and enablers of change is technological development. How can you identify the most relevant technologies for your business and build your company’s enterprise architecture to ensure adaptability? We help you create an effective technology strategy and enterprise architecture that ensures your business can grow on a stable and sustainable platform.

A well-rounded enterprise architecture combines the business model, strategy and customer experience of an organisation into value streams, services, capabilities and enabling technologies. Our experienced architecture professionals help you create and develop your technology strategy and architecture into a firm foundation that can enable adaptability and building new services.

Our services We help develop architecture that supports your business

Developing competence in architecture

Designing and establishing a modern architecture competence centre

  • Required competences
  • Architecture management model
  • Tools and methods for enterprise architecture
  • Typical frameworks include TOGAF, SAFe and ITIL

Architecture design

Designing enterprise architecture and lower level architectures from data to software and information security

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Information architecture
  • Software architecture
  • Information security architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Cloud architecture

Procurement stage support

Architecture design, evaluation and direction in the procurement of new solutions

  • Tender invitation design
  • Preliminary solution architecture
  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Tender evaluation

Architect as a service

Our architect joins your team with a jointly specified role and responsibilities

  • Head of enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise architect
  • Solution architect
  • Information architect
  • Information security architect

Architecture review

Deep review of the architecture with a jointly specified scope and content

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Software architecture
  • Information security architecture

Diverse skills at your disposal

Versatile expertise is required to design, manage and identify the need for changes in enterprise architecture. Rather than recruiting all the talent in-house, it sometimes makes more sense to use a partner who already has the specialists. We are happy to help, whether your challenge is analysing the current situation, determining a target state, developing your own competences or long-term collaboration for transformation.

Our experienced specialists help you with all the perspectives of enterprise architecture:

  • Business architecture – e.g. BMC
  • Operations architecture – e.g. Astrakan
  • Information architecture – e.g. Direct, DW, BI
  • Technical architecture – e.g. TOGAF
  • System architecture – e.g. RUP
  • Operational architecture – e.g. ITIL
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