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Platform engineering, IDP, and DevOps

Platform engineering, IDP, and DevOps

Achieve your targets and get the most out of the cloud.

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Platform engineering is an emerging approach that ultimately enables organisations to accelerate application delivery securely. Not only does it enable developers to better focus on the creative side of the work and be productive in delivering business solutions, but it also ensures that cloud and practises are efficient, secure, and compliant. We are a forerunner in Europe in platform engineering, and therefore we can provide a broad portfolio of services to make an impact, help you achieve your targets and get the most out of the cloud.  

Platform engineering puts focus on business value

Imagine platform engineering as a well-designed shopping mall. Each shop within the mall benefits from shared infrastructure like lighting, security, air conditioning, and plumbing, allowing individual shop owners to concentrate on their unique offerings and customer interactions. Just as a mall’s architecture and operational efficiency contribute to a pleasant shopping experience, the platform serves as the overarching structure that hides the complexity of infrastructure, security, and practises.

Platform engineering enables businesses to enhance creativity, customer focus, and overall efficiency: individual development teams can thrive within the shared, well-maintained environment without being burdened by the complexities of maintaining the entire cloud infrastructure, security and practises themselves.  

Burden of infrastructure and operations removed from development teams

With platform engineering, you can scale DevOps team ideas cost-effectively across the entire organisation. This involves creating a centralised team responsible for developing and managing common solutions, such as models, frameworks, and shared platform-level services, to be used by various development teams.

The focus on scalable common solutions aims to reduce overlapping and inefficient work, promoting automation to support all parties involved in application development and operations. 

The result is increased satisfaction, creativity, and productivity

Smaller teams can achieve more, fostering cohesion and efficiency, for example, by

  • building self-service capabilities for development teams
  • development team autonomy (within the approved guardrails)
  • automated governance
  • automated networking
  • automated cloud infrastructure deployments
  • automated operations
  • reducing operational burden in general.

How can we help Our services



  • Build an understanding of your organisation’s capabilities, including pros and cons, to adopt the platform engineering approach. Key areas include e.g. technologies, skills, ways of working, culture, leadership, and organisation.

Roadmap for platform engineering

  • Define and prioritise the key actions needed to implement platform engineering in your organisation. Key areas include e.g. technologies, skills, ways of working, culture, leadership, and organisation.


  • Ensure that your new platform engineering approach delivers business impact and customer value. With the help of our platform engineering, application development, DevOps and DevSecOps expertise we can guide you to the right direction.   

Lifecycle services

Platform engineering experts

  • Enhance your platform team’s capabilities by completing it with our experienced platform engineering consultants. Whether you already have a dedicated team in place or are looking to build one from scratch, our consultants can contribute to your success. With our specialised knowledge and hands-on experience, we bring a valuable addition to your existing team, ensuring a robust and efficient platform tailored to your unique needs.

Platform engineering as a service

  • Empower your organisation’s cloud journey with our tailored managed services. Solita CloudBlox® is our innovative service concept designed to precisely deliver the pieces of Platform Engineering you need, accelerating your progress and ensuring seamless integration into your operations. Experience the efficiency and expertise of our solution as we navigate your platform engineering challenges, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your core business objectives. 


Internal developer portal (IDP)

  • Elevate your organisation’s efficiency with our expertise in implementing Internal Developer Portals (IDP). Empower your development teams with self-service capabilities, streamlining processes such as cloud account creation, cost tracking, and software asset management. Whether you need a customised solution or a built-from-scratch IDP, we deliver a seamless experience tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements. 

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Terveystalo Terveystalo accelerates service development with Solita CloudBlox® 
Terveystalo accelerates service development with Solita CloudBlox
Application development and cloud expertise, rapid deployment, clear productisation, and easily conceptualised service content were keywords for why Terveystalo chose the Solita CloudBlox solution for its cloud platform management.

Sami Vellonen Development Director, Terveystalo

Case Duodecim hero Duodecim Duodecim develops control of its Google cloud environment at the forefront – new Nordic model
The project, and cooperation with Solita, went well – we are very pleased with Solita’s work and professionalism. Even though we were implementing completely new services, the project was successful and stayed on schedule.

Tuomas Lehto Head of Integrated Services, Duodecim

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