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Low-code development

Low-code development

Low-code is a visual and efficient, automation-assisted way to develop customised software for business needs.

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Low-code solutions open up new opportunities to modernise applications, digitalise processes, and better utilise existing data in a company’s services. We work with two leading low-code platforms, OutSystems, and Microsoft Power Platform. Our experts help our customers on every step during the journey: from choosing the right platform to platform adoption and training, and from architecture and design to development, integrations, and maintenance of applications. We also help our customers with implementing best practices in platform governance and innovating new solutions to create a competitive advantage.

Efficiency and new opportunities

Low-code solutions bring new opportunities alongside traditional software development – ranging from lightweight user interfaces to large enterprise resource planning systems. Low-code platforms enable, for example, the digitalisation of business processes, the creation of new user interfaces in existing systems, or even the rapid introduction of AI capabilities. Even simple solutions can quickly eliminate manual work, improve customer service or make better use of company data.

All part of our extensive expertise

At Solita, we combine our strong expertise in design, information security, and architecture, and our industry-leading understanding of data utilisation with the implementation of low-code solutions. Development teams always consist of multidisciplinary experts meeting the customer’s needs. Our extensive industry expertise, from banking services to industrial, mobility, logistics, energy, and health, enables us to find the best solutions for your company.

What business needs are low-code solutions suitable for?

Research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that by 2025, up to 70% of new applications developed by companies will use low-code technology. Low-code offers significant benefits when, for example, you need:

  • The digitalisation of business processes

  • Customised, internal business systems

  • A modern user interface on top of legacy systems

  • Implementation of digital forms

  • Provision of a customer portal

  • A simple mobile app e.g. for field or shop-floor workers

  • Rapid prototyping with a working software solution in the right environment

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Our work Solutions implemented with our customers

Together with our customers, we have developed solutions for sectors such as health, finance, and public administration. We are currently working on several low-code projects, with which we are responding to the needs of our customers in terms of streamlining their business processes and data utilisation. Examples of customer solutions:

  • Finnvera – e-service development

    Electronic business financing is developed using a low-code method. The service is used by more than 25,000 business customers annually. 

  • Tampereen Sähkölaitos – Critical service maintenance

    Tampereen Sähkölaitos chose Solita as its partner to maintain and further develop its critical services, which were built on OutSystems.

  • KEHA Centre – Developing foresight and reporting

    We harmonised and modernised the KEHA center’s system for entering financial, budgeting, and HR data. The system will also enable better forecasting and reporting in the future.

  • Enterprise resource planning system and e-service

    In addition to low-code development, the development of the customer’s business-critical enterprise resource planning system and e-services has emphasised architecture and information security skills, among others.

  • Ramirent – Digitalised order management

    We designed and implemented the digitalisation of Ramirent’s entire order chain with modern low-code tools. The Rami X system significantly increases the transparency of the order process

  • Pilot application development

    In connection with successful service design, we built a pilot application with low-code technology, undercutting the allocated budget for development by up to 50 percent.

We work with two of the world’s leading enterprise low-code platforms, OutSystems and Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft – Solita is a long-term, multi-awarded Microsoft partner. We have over 500 past Azure projects and 600 professionals combining Azure Cloud, Data, Cloud Native and Power Platform development; MS Power Platform is one powerful tool in our experts’ toolboxes.

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OutSystems – OutSystems is meant for building business-critical applications fast with high-performance low-code. Solita has been an official partner of OutSystems since 2019. Today we have over 20 specialised experts from architects to developers working on OutSystems, and a network of carefully selected partners in Europe. In 2022, OutSystems gave Solita a ‘Rising Star’ partner award in the Nordics.

“Leading low-code platforms demonstrate both strong execution (especially in terms of business performance) and strong vision (in terms of their product and go-to-market strategy). These suppliers stand out in the highly competitive global marketplace and cater to a wide range of organisations and application use cases with their robust low-code platform offering.”

-Gartner 2021


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