Crash Course on GenAI for software development

Sami Köykkä Senior Consultant & Team Manager, Solita

Marko Taipale Principal Consultant, Solita

Lasse Girs Head of Generative AI Enablement, Solita

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Location Hybrid

Date 13 Jun 2024

In this Crash Course on GenAI in software development, we are sharing insights from testing all aspects of GenAI in software development. The insights come from a research project that we call the Twin Project. We are running an AI project in parallel with another real customer project that aims to achieve the same results using our standard modern agile approaches to software development. This setup isn’t just about accelerating processes; it is a testbed for deeper, strategic integration of AI in software development.

In the Twin project we are using cutting-edge AI technologies, from GPT+ assistants to innovative development tools like OpenDevin and Devika, to enhancing roles such as Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Software Architects, and more. We are researching the following questions:

  • What is the impact of AI to software development (ideation to impact in production) in terms of quality and efficiency?
  • How AI can augment roles and activities that are part of the journey from concept to cash?

  • What are the strategic choices that organisations will face (in context of digital service development?
  • What are the ethical considerations that raise from this change?

We have designed tens of experiments to validate assumptions that are identified from multiple future scenarios that AI may steer us. To highlight a few:

  • How can AI assist in product ownership?

  • How can the future of concept design look like?
  • Can we just AI generate the solutions?
  • Is AI capable of architecting systems?
  • Can GenAI work as a scrum master?

  • What are the opportunities within the whole lifecycle of digital services?

In this Crash Course you will learn:

  • How to systematically approach experimentation with GenAI tools

  • Real-life experiences from wide and deep use of GenAI tools
  • Near term value props and long term potential of GenAI capabilities
  • Real-life pitfalls to keep in mind with AI augmentation.

This course is for business, data, AI and IT leaders, as well as for engineers, developers and other members of product teams interested in knowing what GenAI could do for software development. Watch the Crash Course!


Date 13 Jun 2024

10.00 Welcome!
10.10 Crash Course on GenAI for software development
11.15 Q & A

Meet the speakers

  • Sami Köykkä

    Sami Köykkä

    Senior Consultant & Team Manager

  • Marko Taipale

    Marko Taipale

    Principal Consultant

  • Lasse Girs

    Lasse Girs

    Head of Generative AI Enablement

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