Research report Use of generative AI in TOP 500 companies

How has generative AI been received in TOP 500 companies in Finland, which ranked first in the European Union’s digital performance comparison (DESI)? Is its use already well advanced and companies’ productivity on the rise, or are the companies taking a cautious approach?

This report summarises the results of a survey conducted by Solita and IRO Research on how Finland’s top 500 companies assess the transformative power of generative AI and the opportunities and risks it brings.

TOP 500 companies and Generative AI in Finland

Enthusiasm, fear, cluelessness – are we ready for the GenAI era?

  • GenAI experiments stalled – but things are about to happen
  • Enthusiasts and cautious observers
  • Risks of generative AI that go unrecognised: Discrimination
  • Curiosity is emphasised in the emotions 
Every company needs to wake up to the fact that even large public actors such as the Tax Agency and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland are already using generative AI. Companies need to react to the fast-developing new technologies or the risk of losing market share increases. Someone else will do what you are doing faster and more efficiently.

Lasse Girs Head of Generative AI Enablement, Solita

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