Duodecim develops control of its Google cloud environment at the forefront – new Nordic model

Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd, which offers evidence-based medical information and digital healthcare solutions to doctors, healthcare professionals and citizens, was among the first in the Nordic countries to implement Google’s new Assured Workloads and Assured Support services in cooperation with Solita. 

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Duodecim’s goal is to meet the industry’s strict security and regulatory requirements in the best possible manner and to improve its environment and access management on a public cloud platform. Data management and maintenance will be centralised in the EU with the help of new services.

“With the introduction of these services, Duodecim is an absolute pioneer in ensuring data sovereignty.”

Duodecim wanted to harmonise its cloud operating services and improve its cloud management methods. The reforms also aim to meet the strict requirements of EU regulation and the company’s quality management system. With Assured Workloads and Assured Support, Google assures its customers that support services are provided in the EU and that data does leave the EU zone.

In this way, Duodecim improves the security of its services and data sovereignty on a public cloud platform. Management of the external encryption keys, supplied by Solita, means that the customer retains the encryption key and that the data remains in the EU. Duodecim itself controls the keys that are used to encrypt data on Google’s cloud platform.


  • Clear improvement in transparency and access control in Google’s cloud environment. Including harmonised policies.

  • Duodecim is able to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the industry, now and in the future.

  • Data security and sovereignty in Duodecim’s integrated services rose to a new level.

  • Duodecim’s integrated services can be managed in a unified and automated way with Solita CloudBlox.

  • Future Proof: The implementation of Google’s Assured Workloads service will affect all of Duodecim’s integrated services.

  • The data in Duodecim’s services is located in Finland and is managed within the borders of the EU.

With Solita CloudBlox, the previous point-based solution turned into a more user-friendly and cost-effective entity.

The idea behind these services is to increase the customer’s control and maintenance in the cloud – it is a kind of Swiss safe deposit box in digital form.

Antti Peltonen Senior Cloud Consultant, Solita

“This project indicates a completely new and important direction. This, according to research firm Gartner, is the future. It’s great to be in the forefront of implementing a modern solution,” Peltonen continues.

Strict regulation – challenge for organisations

There has been a clear increase in the regulation of businesses in the EU over the last few years. Medical devices now require their own quality system, which means a considerable number of additional requirements for operators in the sector. Solita’s goal is to enable customers in this strictly regulated field to implement the quality system in as cost-effective and agile manner as possible.

Case Duodecim
Case Duodecim
Case Duodecim

Managing the costs and information security of cloud services has proven difficult for many companies. Solita CloudBlox helps companies to better control their cloud environment, which often consists of various services from several cloud service providers, as well as its capacity, costs and data security. The scalability that Solita CloudBlox enables will reduce the amount of future work. It enables the centralised development of applications for cloud services.

“Future Proofing will be achieved with the scalability enabled by Solita CloudBlox. Expanding and deepening Duodecim’s service portfolio and providing answers to quality system audit questions, now and in the future, have been considered in the implementation. The aim has also been to make the management of such a complex entity as easy as possible for the customer,” says Antti Brunni, advisor for Solita’s Health business.

The project, and cooperation with Solita, went well – we are very pleased with Solita’s work and professionalism. Even though we were implementing completely new services, the project was successful and stayed on schedule.

Tuomas Lehto Head of Integrated Services, Duodecim

Solita CloudBlox streamlines the cloud transition

In early 2022, Duodecim migrated to Google’s cloud environment because it wanted its application runtime environment to be more stable and scalable. With the Solita CloudBlox service, the previous point-based solution turned into a more user-friendly and cost-effective entity. Solita CloudBlox was developed to facilitate and simplify cloud migration and control for businesses and organisations.

Solita and Duodecim have worked together for several years in the development of medical devices, for example in the field of clinical decision support and digital health check-ups.

The implementation of the new Assured Workloads and Assured Support services started in September 2022 and the project ended in December. Solita was responsible for the development, configuration and migration of the cloud environment, as well as project management and processes together with the customer.