Solita CloudBlox® allows Tamro’s IT to focus on business

Tamro, a leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland, had successfully migrated their data platform to the cloud, but maintaining the cloud operations seemed to be taking up a lot of human resources. 

Solita CloudBlox allows Tamro’s IT to focus on business

 Solita CloudBlox® – a managed service for public clouds – offered Tamro a way of outsourcing cloud services in a piecemeal and cost-effective way.

In the early ramp-up stage, Solita analysed various characteristics of the cloud including data security, documenting them and pinpointing improvements. Solita CloudBlox with operations and monitoring was implemented and is now monitoring the servers and services 24/7/365.

Through the Solita CloudBlox operation services, Solita is now responsible for all updates and backups in the cloud. Whenever Tamro wishes to build new services in the cloud, Solita cloud experts offer technical consultation and provide best practices for architecturing and design.

Optimising cloud costs

Solita CloudBlox features transparent cost management tools, allowing Tamro to easily monitor and, thanks to cost optimisation by Solita, reduce cloud costs through different savings plans for various cloud computing resources.

Tamro’s cloud framework is being overseen in Solita by a dedicated service manager who reports monthly on actions taken, issues detected, and recommendations for future action. Solita CloudBlox provides a comprehensive set of logs and other tools for making informed decisions.


The implementation of Solita CloudBlox has marked a significant shift in Tamro’s IT operations. Spending time and effort in keeping their cloud infrastructure in tip top shape is no longer their concern – they can now fully focus on developing their business critical applications on top of the cloud.

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