Crash Course on Information security: From buzzwords to real-life compliance

Massimo Prencipe Security Specialist, Solita

Sami Köykkä Senior Consultant & Team Manager, Solita

Jyrki Eerola Security Consultant, Solita

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Date 25 Jan 2024

Companies rely heavily on functioning digital solutions and services as part of their core business. Cyberattacks, data breaches and insider threats all exploit vulnerabilities in systems and target employees to gain unauthorised access or compromise sensitive information. The NIS2 directive from the EU will modernise the existing legal framework to keep up with increased cybersecurity threats. Compared to the original NIS, the new version has more requirements and a broader scope of sectors that will be covered by the regulation. It also sets sanctions for non-compliance.

How to ensure compliance and implement DevSecOps into platform engineering and GenAI development? 

Join us on an exploration of information security in the context of platform engineering and Generative AI. This Crash Course provides profound insights into NIS2 regulation and how it should be considered when implementing platform engineering approach and building GenAI applications. Also, we’ll cover how DevSecOps practices are used to build them securely. Throughout the course, we’ll explore real-life examples to demonstrate how organisations have confronted these issues head-on. 

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  • Practical implications of NIS2: Explore the intricacies of the NIS2 and its practical implications on platform engineering and DevSecOps. Learn how to tackle security issues such as access management and authentication, system development and operation, and incident management with platform solutions and combining development, security and operations.
  • How to effectively implement DevSecOps practices into GenAI and machine learning development: Uncover how DevSecOps practices will tackle information security risks when building GenAI and machine learning applications and what other measures to take to ensure security.  
  • Security Built-in: Platform Engineering & DevSecOps: Delve into the synergy between platform engineering and DevSecOps. Understand how integrating security practices into development and operations can enhance the resilience of your systems. 

Tho whom is this Crash Course relevant? IT Managers, IT Security Professionals , Development Leads, Developers and Engineers , and AI Practitioners.

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