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Mobile forms the core of modern retail, and data is the key to maximising results and crafting impactful customer experiences. Our retail services are redefining the user experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

From mobile-first super-apps to data-driven category management and retail-focused data platforms, Solita and Future Mind form a new domain to enable our retail customers with transformative use of technology and shape the future of retail and e-commerce. 

Discover how we leverage their power.

Our key themes

Omnichannel revenue generation

Engage your customers

Building software with a data-first approach is a surefire way to drive user engagement and ensure continuous improvement, unlocking the path towards sustained growth.

Explore the possibilities of super apps, brand ecosystems, and revenue-driving features.

Data-driven customer experience

Enhance customer satisfaction

A mature approach to data helps you understand what makes your customers tick while respecting their privacy, making way for meaningful and profitable relationships.

Reshape your business with a tailored loyalty program, e-commerce, or a marketplace.

Intelligent retail operations

Stay competitive

Deploying AI-driven process optimisation software across your operations lets you automate repetitive tasks, increase overall efficiency, and generate significant savings.

Optimise operations with integrated cloud platforms for real-time data management and smart solutions for CRM, supply chain, and procurement.

Our clients

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  • Tomasz Woźniak CEO & Partner, Future Mind – a Solita company

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