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Our services for digital sales and e-commerce

Our services for digital sales and e-commerce

Multi-channel purchase behaviour is the new standard, and the role of brand loyalty is quickly diminishing for both consumer and B2B trade. This change can be challenging in terms of sales operations for businesses and organisations. The best success stories combine customer interactions into a smooth and coherent customer experience independent of contact point — both online and in-store.

Why is customer experience important?

Because happy customers will spend more, recommend your business, and bring in new customers. In the end, the best customer experience is the one that results in the greatest profit.

Success requires visions for popular and approachable services, effortless business processes, sales optimisation, and, naturally, technological solutions. Besides vision, experience and the ability to implement, solutions are also required.

At Solita, we are your guides on your path to successful e-commerce. We will be there for the journey, all the way from planning and drafting of concepts to implementation, integrations, analytics, and follow-up development. Our solutions employ leading technologies such as Optimizely, Big Commerce, Contentful and Storyblok.

Let us help Our services for digital sales and e-commerce

  • Commercial customer experience design and development

    Coherent, high-impact commercial customer experience.

  • E-commerce design and implementation

    Concept, implementation, integrations, and analytics for successful e-commerce.

  • Product data management

    All product data is available in one place and shareable across different channels.

  • Predictive analytics and personalisation

    Take a knowledge-based approach to enhance your customer experience and sales. LINKKI

  • Digital sales strategy and roadmap

    Direction, content, and the steps for implementing an e-commerce solution. Read more.

  • Mobile solutions

    Versatile and easy to use mobile solutions.

  • Backend and in-store system integrations

    Integrations from an e-commerce environment into backend and in-store systems.

  • Digital marketing

    Find, attract, and impress customers to boost sales and recommendations.

  • Marketing automation

    New leads and an enhanced customer experience through automated marketing solutions.

  • Conversion and SEO

    Content and service paths that support purchase decisions. Read more.

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