E-book Top trends shaping the future of mobile retail

In 2024, the average person spends 5 hours a day on a mobile device. While a big chunk of this time is dedicated to scrolling through social media and browsing web portals, statistics show that consumers have also come to love mobile shopping.

For retailers, adopting m-commerce isn’t just a strategic choice: it’s a must. What’s in store for mobile retail? Download our e-book to discover 7 trends that will shape its future.

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Mobile retail trends ebook

Take a glimpse into what’s trending

Mobile apps are a sure-fire way to improve results and increase customers’ lifetime value in retail – as long as you choose the right strategy and trends for your organisation.

Download our e-book to uncover trends that will influence the future of mobile retail. Explore the innovative solutions and features adopted by leading brands, and discover tips to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

What’s inside?

If you aim for better results in 2024 and beyond, there’s no better approach than embracing a mobile retail strategy. In this e-book you will learn

  • Global data on why mobile is a must
  • 7 trends shaping the future of mobile commerce
  • 4 directions to master your organisation’s strategy
  • 17 inspiring benchmarks and 6 case studies to improve CX, loyalty, and revenue

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic market and master proven strategies for mobile retail success. Get your free copy of the e-book now.

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