Health We harness human insight and intelligent technologies to impact many lives.


All we do aims for impact that lasts. In healthcare, gaining the maximum impact means that the end result will be a regulated “software as a medical device”. That’s why we have developed a scaleable service model which we call Solita RegProof™.

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We work on every step of people’s lives for health and well-being. We create services with human insight and intelligent technology: helping individuals, health care professionals and the whole society to live better life.

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Solita RegProof™

Delivering safe, secure and impactful regulated digital solutions for health and wellbeing

If you are looking for an experienced partner to help you take care of the whole lifecycle of a medical device, take a seat!

We know what it takes to develop medical devices in an agile and effective way. We have a certified ISO 13485 quality management system for providing outsourced services covering the whole lifespan of a medical device, have helped a number of customers in their own journey, have a medical device of our own, and also very active in the research field.

All this is packaged to our Solita RegProof™ service model.

Our services for Wellbeing counties

Welfare reform challenges for change

The reform of the Wellbeing Region is a holistic transformation of health and wellbeing services, but at the same time, care professionals continue to carry out their important work on a daily basis. Success in meeting the objectives of the reform will require careful choices and determined development work. We support health and wellbeing service providers and the fire and rescue service in this reform. We help to address development challenges in a value-driven way, putting the needs of patients, professionals and organisations first. Changes in operating practices, continuous care pathways across systems, leveraging the data assets of wellbeing regions and secure technology solutions require industry expertise, including from partners.

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