Business design

The fastest growing way to renew your business

Business design changes the way companies renew their business. The average company lifespan has halved in just two decades. An uncertain and complex world challenges companies to reinvent themselves and come up with value-creating digital services and innovations faster.

Business design means using human-centric design tools and methods for business development and problem-solving. Business design is a way for you to develop and test business ideas with your customers, ensuring the correct focus in development and guaranteeing demand for your new services. Our experienced specialists help you at all stages as you make changes, ensuring that the new business will be profitable and practical.

“Business design combines creative problem-solving, a high-growth development culture and the preparation of strategic business opportunities for organisations.”

  • Business design helps to solve different business challenges

    • Finding growth from new sources
    • New business models
    • Organisational models for experimentation and continuous learning
    • Service development processes from initial ideas to profitable business
    • Product and service strategies

Business design helps you find answers to the following questions

  • What should we invest in and why?
  • What is the best business model for the new solution?
  • Is there a demand and a profitable future for the new service or portfolio?
  • How should business be organised to support new business solutions?
  • What abilities and technologies are required for new business?
  • How should new business be implemented?
  • Why are customers buying or passing up a given product or service?
  • How can we bring our organisation into line with our objectives?

Customer, business, and technological insight

Our methods are based on a deep understanding of end customer needs and challenges: our design, business, and technology specialists are here to solve real problems, not just for fine adjustments. We build more than business models, and we understand the opportunities in technology. We work with your organisation’s business and the characteristics of your operating environment. We know that a lasting competitive advantage is not created overnight, so we build solutions in stages. We know how to find worthwhile experiments, and we make sure that every business start-up is carefully designed, implemented, and justified.

Succeeding together with business design


    Our entrepreneurial approach keeps us going when it’s time to roll up our sleeves. Calculations, plans, and concepts are routine for us, but we also help you launch your solutions. We know how to bring new business to life, step by step. Among the better-known frameworks, Lean Startup matches with our thinking.


    We combine customer insight and business indicators within your organisation and create structures for collaboration. We also help you look forward: What is scaling? What is a good business model for it? What are the roles of different stakeholders and how do you satisfy their needs?


    We combine data and technological capabilities. We make sure that data is available for business development and for improving efficiency and the ability to react to changes. We help your whole organisation become data-driven.

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