Solita services Design system and design ops

Design systems and design ops

Design systems and design ops

We combine design, development, and transformation consulting to change the way companies work with and benefit from design.

We solve design scalability challenges

Many organisations develop multiple digital applications, services, or channels. The bar for a good user experience is constantly rising, but good design doesn’t scale just by adding more designers. Instead, as digital operations grow, inefficiency and inconsistency often follow. We help organisations build mature design ops practices and design systems that unify design quality and ways of working. 

Our expertise

  • Design systems

    A design system is essential for a coherent user experience. It standardises the organisation’s user experience building blocks and ways of working.

  • Design ops

    We help build processes and methods that support designers in creating design that is more consistent and better aligned with business value.

  • In-house competence scaling

    We support in-house roles and teams in upskilling, leveraging design ops, adopting modern design tools, and applying customer-centric design practices.

Read about our clients

Case Fintraffic design system
Fintraffic Navigating user experience on land, at sea, and in the air: Fintraffic Design System
Solita helped us to reduce costs and improve the quality of our digital applications by creating a common foundation for digital user experience.

Raine Luntta Director, Data, Design & Architecture, Fintraffic Railway

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