Crash Course on Creating value out of data and AI

Mikko Väätäinen Design Lead, Business Designer, Solita

Tero Kallioinen Principal Consultant, Value out of Data and AI, Solita

Jussi Olkkonen Consulting Director, Solita

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Date 31 Aug 2023

Most organisations have already realised that data is a critical resource and analytics is a crucial competence for their future survival. The frontrunners have already invested significantly in developing their data capabilities, building cloud data platforms and conducting AI pilots.

Recent breakthroughs in generative AI have only raised the stakes with their potential to transform the way work. And yet, many organisations are struggling to convert their data and analytics investments into the kind of substantial business value that they were expecting. Why is it so? Watch the recording!

Join our Crash Course to learn the answers!

We will trace the journey of organisations to become data-driven, uncover the key bottlenecks for creating value out of data and AI, and outline promising solutions based on our extensive experience. We will offer insights for bridging the gap between business and analytics and harnessing the power of generative AI for your business. Along the way, we will share a few case examples of organisations across various industries that have tackled these challenges.

This Crash Course is best suited for business, tech and analytics leaders, who wish to understand how data and analytics can be utilised to generate significant value for the business and the customers.

In this Crash Course you will learn:

  • The typical bottlenecks that hinder organisations from creating value out of data and AI and the most promising solutions for it
  • Ways to close the gap between business and technology
  • Ingredients you need to harness generative AI for your business
  • How to use a data strategy to tie it all together

Throughout the course, we’ll explore real-life examples from various industries to demonstrate how organisations have confronted these issues head-on. See the recording!

Feedback from attendees

One of the best webinars I’ve attended in ages..perhaps ever! Really interesting and useful content. Not riding on hype only but giving practical real-life tips & examples.

Event attendee

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Meet the speakers

Tero Kallioinen is leading the Data-Driven Business consulting team at Solita in Finland. He thrives at the convergence of data, AI, business design, digital services and human insight. He gets his kicks from transforming data into concrete actions that delight the customers and boost the bottom line.

Mikko Väätäinen is a Creative Business Designer and hands-on advisor on a mission to create conditions for success in both sides of business: in new innovation horizons and in reinvention of the existing. He works with industry leading companies with their transformation initiatives, new business model creation and innovation performance. He talks the talk with upper management, walks the walk with teams hands-on and helps the organizations to build bridges between vision and reality.