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Learn with us

Are you a student who wants to learn with us and bring fresh perspectives?

Join us Our doors are always open!

Our doors are always open for students and fresh graduates who are looking for growth and learning opportunities and want to work in a friendly community. Solita is a value-driven company that wants to create impact that lasts for our clients and society. By collaborating and working together with future talent, we can expand our impact and receive fresh perspectives.

At Solita’s Academy, you have the opportunity to grow and develop in the area you find interesting. The Academy acts as a jump start for your career and induction to Solita’s culture as a workplace.

Opportunities to learn What we offer for students and graduates?

  • Lectures

    We are happy to share our know-how and experience with students, which is why we like to give lectures in schools and universities. If you want us to pay a visit, please let us know which area you’d like us to cover. We have professionals working for us from many different fields of expertise, so we can cover pretty much any tech-related area. Name anything from Machine Learning to AI, Data and Cloud to Service and Business Design, or a wide variety of tech tools you are curious about; we’ll do our best to find someone to tell you more about them.
  • Pilot learning concepts

    We are open to new ways of working and collaboration, which is why we also do pilot projects in partnership with students and other stakeholders. In case you have a great idea for collaboration, don’t hesitate to reach out. An example of one of our pilot projects is a multidisciplinary project partnership with Tampere University: Students, together with us, dive deep into some of the largest questions in health and mobility. The project is estimated to last for two years.
  • Excursions and guild relations

    We love to do excursions and meet students from different backgrounds. Many Solitans have good relationships with their old student guilds. We are happy to share stories, provide useful tips, bring some hands-on exercises, and get to know you. We like our workplace, and we are happy to tell you about the reasons behind that. If you would like to organize an excursion, drop us a line, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Thesis opportunities

    We are curious to hear about new thesis topics and get to know new talent! If your thesis idea is in line with our needs and interests, we’d be happy to guide you in your process and learn together from the results of your thesis project. We love topics that are relevant in the current business context and take both the students and Solitans forward. We at Solita appreciate the effort you put into your thesis, and have a nice compensation plan for all thesis projects completed with us.

Research projects Solita conducts a significant amount of research

We investigate new topics and validate the latest insights in collaboration with our partners. Our projects cover various topics and industries, like health and mobility, device-based measurement, deep neural networks and new business concepts. We write several academic peer reviewed papers annually. We also provide collaboration opportunities for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral research.

Solita Research

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