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People of Solita: Simo Hokkanen, thesis project at Solita

Simo Hokkanen Data Consultant, Solita

Published 14 Sep 2021

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This is Simo, our new Data Consultant and a fresh graduate who just completed his thesis work in collaboration with Solita.

Exploring data mesh in a real-life business context

I’m finalising my master’s in Computer Science at the University of Eastern Finland. For the past six months, I’ve been writing my thesis, and I had the privilege to have Solita as my thesis instructor. Everything started from a blog post I found during my background research for the thesis topic. One of Solita’s professionals was writing about data mesh, and it was a topic I was interested in as well. I contacted the person who wrote the blog. Soon after, I found a thesis instructor and a topic: Utilization of Data Mesh Framework as a Part of Organization’s Data Management.

I think it was really interesting to dive into this topic together with a real company. It was a unique learning opportunity for me to explore this new topic and get support and professional guidance from Solita as part of the process. We did some empirical research and seven interviews to learn more about the status and attitude about data mesh within different companies. We got practical examples about the challenges and pain points that could prevent companies from implementing new ways of working and dealing with data. Since it’s a new trend in the field, very little existing research is available.

The key findings from the master thesis journey were that overall, multidimensional organisation models and higher complexity of data domains seem to create a better breathing ground for data mesh principles and implementation. Factors blocking the adaptation of data mesh framework comprehend from different aspects, such as ambiguous domain definition, unclear domain data ownership, low data literacy, and the minor need for data on field-level.

I was able to learn and grow during the thesis journey

I think the process, together with Solita, was very successful. Combining the support from the University and Solita made a great combination. My thesis instructor at Solita had a clear understanding of what we were looking for, and the main focus on the process was to support me to create a high-quality thesis.

I felt that people cared for my thesis for real, instead of just looking at me and my efforts as a tool to bring benefits to the company. The biggest challenge for me was probably the considerable amount of work, but one should not fear it. Solitans were constantly checking in and asking how I was doing, and several people supported me during my journey.

I feel like my substance know-how grew exponentially, and I learned to focus and see what’s relevant and what can be left out. I also learned about collaboration, time planning, and general work-life skills. It was also interesting and rewarding to get to know the culture of Solita.

Thesis collaboration that led to a Data Consultant role

The experience I got from Solita’s culture was very positive. Solitans were extremely professional; the discussions were open, and we were able to tackle every challenge on the path together. People had a courageous attitude and willingness to try new things. I was also impressed by the level of trust and responsibility I got as a student.

I’m happy that our successful collaboration with the thesis work led to a job offer from Solita. I’ve now started as a Data Consultant and will continue the work with data mesh as well. I think the collaboration with companies and students can be, in its best-case scenario, highly valuable for both parties. I had a chance to work in a real-life business context and grow my professional skills while experienced professionals supported me.

Solita got a new understanding of the topic, and we were able to create a tool that Solita can use in the future. I’m confident that we can continue developing the services related to data mesh and provide better solutions to our customers. And what comes to my professional aspirations, I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Solita team and continue growing!

If your thesis idea is in line with our needs and interests, we’d be happy to guide you in your process and learn together from the results of your thesis project. Check out also our open positions and what we offer for students and graduates.

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