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People of Solita: Software Designer Jaakko Saha, thesis project at Solita

Jaakko Saha Software Designer, Solita

Published 11 Mar 2022

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1300 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them.

This is Jaakko, our new Software Designer who is also doing his thesis in collaboration with Solita.

Exploring the potential of Power Platform

I started my thesis collaboration with Solita in October 2021, and since January 2022, I’ve also been a full-time Software Designer at Solita. Everything happened very quickly and smoothly, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team. I’m finishing my master’s degree at the University of Jyväskylä, in the field of information systems. My thesis topic is: “Exploring Process Automation Opportunities: Power Platform and Robot Framework.”

When I first saw the thesis opening, the topic was slightly different, but Solita was open to tailoring it according to my background and interests. The collaboration has been smooth; I’ve had my space to focus on the research independently, but my instructor has been there for me if I’ve needed support.

I worked as an IT Specialist at the University of Tampere before joining Solita, and I have experience working with Power Platform. While my thesis is still a work in progress, I’ve already noticed that the current research about the topic is very limited, and the terminology and concepts are not established yet. This technology and its opportunities are rather new, so it’s important to do more research to understand the potential and the possibilities.

My feeling is that the Power Platform is still a bit unknown, and its benefits haven’t been fully recognised in the coder community. In my experience, it’s a great tool when there is a need to simplify tasks and make daily routines more efficient. In order to do so, it’s important to understand end users’ needs and the pain points in their daily work. I’m happy to see that Solita wants to be a frontrunner in this area and pave the way to show what is possible with this tool.

A workplace where your voice is heard

I’m a newbie at Solita, but I’ve enjoyed my time so far. When I was investigating my thesis options last autumn and reading about Solita, I was impressed by how Solita works. The initial vibe I got from the website was that Solita encourages thinking outside the box. Employees’ know-how and vision go first, and people have the space to try new things and learn along the way. My initial impression proved to be correct.

What makes a difference to me is also the great team spirit. I’ve felt welcome from the start. When I introduced myself on the intranet as part of my onboarding plan, I was shocked by how many people commented and gave me a warm welcome. Many colleagues recommended Slack channels based on my interests, as Solita has a channel for almost anything you can think of. While many of the channels are work-related, there are also plenty of leisure-related options for people who have similar hobbies and interests.

Something new for me is also the truly flat organisation at Solita. Many organisations talk about flat hierarchies, but often the reality doesn’t match with the words. At Solita, it’s different. Titles don’t matter here. Everyone has a voice, and your expertise is valued.

This kind of company culture allows people to do their best work and innovate. We are not like small wheels in a big machine designed to deliver in a predefined box. We have space to make decisions on how we work and use our full potential. It means that we are constantly testing, pivoting, and learning, and sometimes also failing – but it’s all part of the process. I love problem-solving, so it’s a perfect set-up for me.

A great example of a people-focused and caring culture was when my first child was born a couple of weeks ago. I felt there was no pressure to rush back to work and go through a massive HR process about how many days of absence I’ve had. I got a message from my boss saying congrats and encouragement to take as many days off as needed. I felt like I’m allowed to prioritise my family without guilt. I’m happy to be part of a community like this!

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