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People of Solita: Software Designer and former Composer Roger Wanamo 

Roger Wanamo Software Designer, Solita

Published 02 Jun 2022

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1500 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Roger, our new Software Designer, Computer Science Student, and a former Composer.

From one creative profession to another

I’m a newbie at Solita; I joined the Low Code Team in Tampere as a Software Designer in January. At 41 years old, this is my first job in the tech industry, and my background might not be the most common here.

Before starting my Computer Science studies at the University of Tampere in 2018, I worked for over 10 years as a freelance composer. Out of all the things you can grow up to do, I found myself spending most of my adult years so far writing orchestral arrangements of video game music. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to work with many of the most highly regarded orchestras in the world and several legends in the VGM-industry. It sure has been an exciting ride!

But this is not the first time the tech industry has called my name. Before getting my bachelor’s degrees in Music Composition and Music Education, I studied for one year at the Helsinki University of Technology back in the day. So, I’ve made a come-back to a field that was appealing to me already before my music career.

While the industries might appear very different, I think that software development and composing share some similar principles. In both professions, we are problem-solving, and there are several variables we need to keep in mind. We need to understand the big picture and the cause-effect relationships in both fields of work.

I also think that working in tech is creative; we create the software from scratch and design a wide range of solutions. The requirements just might be more strict compared to composing.

University low code project led to a job offer

I found my way to Solita through a joint student project. Last year, I familiarised myself with OutSystems and low code. I was working on a six-month university project in collaboration with Solita, developing a recruitment game using the OutSystems platform. Toward the end of the project, the Low Code Team at Tampere reached out to me and recommended that I apply for some open positions. So I did, as the project with Solita had been successful, and I was interested in Solita as a place to work even before the project was kicked off.

The start of my journey at Solita has been enjoyable in many ways. I got a sneak peek of the work culture already when working on the project. It was a nice experience; we had plenty of flexibility in conducting our work. It was a big project that took a lot of our time, but we learned tons and went through all the different phases that tech projects typically include. Solita was a product owner in the project, guiding us forward and supporting us where needed. Otherwise, the project team was responsible for the execution.

I enjoy the culture of trust

Based on my first months as a Solitan, I’m delighted that I joined the team. Solita is a value-driven company, and employees’ well-being is a priority. It’s visible in everything; we have great support networks and services available. Also, the culture is open; I feel like my voice is heard and valued. It’s a culture of trust where freedom and accountability walk hand in hand.

I’ve got extensive onboarding, and I was able to get some certificates done earlier this year. Recently, I jumped into a new customer project that just landed. It’s the biggest low-code project so far at Solita, and I’m glad that I can be part of the team from the beginning. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility, and I can contribute with my skills and know-how. So, it’s good to be here, and I’m very excited to channel my creative energy into software development!

We love to collaborate with students from different backgrounds. Project partnerships with universities and other stakeholders are a great way to share our know-how with future talent and learn from them in return. We are always open to new ways of working and collaboration. If you have a great idea for project collaboration, don’t hesitate to drop us a note at [email protected].
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