Solita Talent Academy

Solita Talent Academy

Solita Talent Academy

Grow and develop your skills and knowhow in the area you find interesting. Solita Talent Academy acts as a jump start for your career and induction to our culture as a workplace.

Five good reasons to join

  • Become a Solita employee from day one

    Become a Solita employee from day one – you have a permanent employment contract, full salary and access to our comprehensive employee benefits.

  • Helpful and friendly culture

    Join a group of like-minded new Solitans and get a clear vision of what will be expected. We value good onboarding and know it will result in great learning curve for participants.

  • Meaningful projects

    After approximately 5 weeks you will move on to a customer project with the team that you’ve already learned to know during the Academy.

  • Learn to work in a consultancy role

    Dive into what consultative role entails: self-leadership, customer communication, agile methods etc.

  • World-class talent to learn with

    Explore hands-on introductions to purposeful technologies – learn together with our talented experts.

Why Solita academy? Praised aspects

These are some of the most praised aspects by our previous participants. We have expertise in succesful facilitation of newcomers through academies since 2016. 

  • Helpful and friendly culture
  • Meaningful projects
  • World-class talent to learn from
  • International program
  • Become a Solita employee from day 1
  • Learn to work in a consultancy role
  • Multiple industries to choose from

Should I apply? Talents come in all shapes and forms

Before you ask yourself or end up asking google, here’s what people usually find helpful when considering applying to the Talent Academy.

Who Solita Talent Academies are for?

  • We want to reach the people who want to boost their skills as a technical professional.
  • We expect you to have some knowledge and know-how in the area you are interested in. For example, when applying to Dev Academy, we assume you have a good base of knowledge about some programming languages and software development practices.
  • We value the drive to learn and embrace new skills very high. You are an open-minded person towards learning and exploring the yet unknown.
  • You share our values: caring, easy-going, passionate, courageous.
  • We don’t expect you to be ready. You might be preparing for your first job in the field or already have a few years of experience under your belt. Nor are we interested in your age.
  • Roles and focus areas might differ depending on the Academy, as well as the number of participants. For example, in Dev Academy in Finland, there will be spots for 15-20 new Solitans.

What happens when I apply?

  • Academy recruitment can include a coding pre-assignment, a remote interview, an aptitude test or some combination of these.
  • The recruitment process varies depending on the profile we’re looking for. We aim at keeping things clear for everybody: you’ll face no surprises or unexpected curveballs during the application process or after it.
  • In the interviews, we go through both technical and cultural aspects and discuss your competence, previous experience, technical skills and motivation.
  • Your salary will also be discussed in the interview.
  • Prepare to discuss in English as currently most Talent Academies are held in English. In Sweden, the Academians are also required to speak Swedish.
  • Just be you. At Solita, everybody should feel comfortable being themselves, with all their (im)perfections. Our focus is changing the world, not people.

When and where do I apply and how long will it take?

  • When there’s an application period open for an Academy you can find the job post on our Careers -page.
  • In Finland, we try to arrange Academies twice a year. In our other locations (Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, Germany and Denmark) we are arranging Academies based on our upcoming needs.