Follow your excitement and find your dream profession

Ritva Elo

Published 13 Apr 2022

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If you are not sure about what you want to do, it’s a good idea to take some time and explore your career options. There are a lot of possibilities out there, and it’s worth searching for the kind of job that excites you. When you find your calling, follow it.

See your career as a journey

It took years for me to find what I’m really excited about; the work I’m doing currently with learning and people development. I see my exploration and experiences from different jobs in different companies as a journey with plenty of learning experiences, which have guided me to my dream profession.

When we explore and try different things in working life, we learn from ourselves. I realised that I like to have variety and social encounters in my job and need challenges. Based on those insights, I understood that I want to work in people development, studied a Master’s degree in Management at Aalto University, and eventually found the job I have today.

Find a workplace that is aligned with your values

I believe it’s important to find a workplace that’s aligned with your values, even if it takes some time. Take time to investigate the deeper values of that potential workplace that you’re sizing up for yourself. While different companies might have similar-sounding values on paper, there are huge differences in how those values play out in real life.

Ask around in your network and read how the company and its employees communicate on social media. If you are invited for an interview, ask about the culture and values. Concrete examples of how the values are lived out in the organisation’s daily life should provide the necessary information.

I’ve been positively surprised by how value-driven Solita is. Caring is one of our core values, and I could truly feel and see this in the culture from day one. Solita cares about you as a human being, and your value is not tied to your work performance. People here share their vulnerabilities, and everyone can be who they truly are, with their strengths and weaknesses. Finding a workplace that matches so well with my values was worth all the exploration and search.

I also believe that people do their best work in a culture where there’s room to grow, learn, and take up new challenges. A transparent and open culture fosters growth and enhances team spirit. It’s been great to see how much Solita supports learning and development; people can follow their interests and passions here.

Let go of worry and trust that everything will work out

People evolve and change, and so do our interests and values. Go after things that feel good today, and don’t be afraid to change direction when you want to open a new chapter. Being open to different opportunities and listening to our intuition can lead us to great places. It’s a good idea to look inside and take a little pause here and there to evaluate how you feel about what you are doing.

For my younger self, I would say that there is no need to worry or to be afraid – you’ll find your place in the world. Exploration will always take you forward, and as long as you are open to possibilities, you will find the thing that excites you. And when you do, follow it.

Blog writer: Ritva Elo, MA (University of Turku), and MSc in Economics (Aalto University) worked in various positions before finding her passion in people development. Ritva is currently leading the Solita Growth Academy, which provides Solitans with opportunities to learn new skills, expertise, and specialties while growing as individuals and making strides in their career paths at Solita. In her work, Ritva enjoys the most when she feels that she’s able to offer meaningful ways for people to learn and develop themselves.

When you arrive at Solita, you don’t have to be ready. In our opinion, you never have to be. We seek brilliant solutions and aren’t afraid to express doubt when it is called for. Freedom of opinion and courage is a powerful combination. We learn and grow together. Learn more about our Growth Academy.

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